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Saturday, September 22, 2018
Win Them, Build Them, Send Them

Word by Terry Bennett

Word by Terry Bennett
MB-the thing that struck me is how you mentioned the South Korea thing this morning. Mention that again. Start with that and then go to your visitation from last week and your dream from this morning. I want to start with the South Korea thing because I want it recorded for my purposes for the future
TB- This was a couple weeks ago when the Lord was talking to me about this. I saw you in South Korea and you were being given a megaphone. I actually saw you in Seoul, the capital and I understood the Lord was dealing with the heart and soul of that nation. You were being given a megaphone to where you could be heard throughout the nation, Mike.
The interesting thing was, one of the passages you were speaking out of was Isa. 40. I saw that real clearly. You were particularly speaking out of that passage to the nation.
Then I saw that it went beyond the border, the 38th parallel there and penetrated even into the North, somehow. I saw pockets of people in North Korea who the Lord was kind of mobilizing into prayer pockets in their homes and those types of things. God was crossing the border and doing a work in the Korean people.
That was more of the details of what the Lord showed me about that and I felt the Lord would use you to speak into that nation and that people group, Mike, not limited to South Korea, though there will be great favor there with you and you going there. They will also come to you, here to this nation.
MB-When did you get this? Did you get it this morning or a month ago?
TB-It was about two weeks ago.
MB-In a dream or how did it come, for my purposes?
TB- In an experience, a visitation from the Lord. He was showing it to me in a visionary experience.
MB- I mentioned, this morning, I got the email to meet the president of South Korea, just this morning. I answered it and actually said no. Then I got the phone call from you so I have to undo that. You said you did not want to be directive. I went “ouch”. I was thinking it was meet the president, have a photo op, have a cookie with him. He would say, “I pray for Korea, we thank you”, 9 minutes, next guy. I thought “no thank you”. I will take it more seriously now.
TB- Good, my heart is not to be directive but the Lord shows me things. Sometimes I think there is some sort of confirmation involved, generally speaking, that is what the Lord does. That is not always what He does but most of the time.
The Isa. 40 passage came into play and I could see you speaking to the nation from the first 5 or 6 verses. I didn’t even get to share that with you earlier today.
MB- Thank you, that alerted me in terms of the exclamation point to the rest of the things you were saying. So often you get something in our 6 or 7 major exchanges and something happens definitively within that day. Almost every time that happens. Even last year, December, whenever it was we talked, I left you and went right to my laptop and Julie Meyer sent me a dream saying the same thing that you had and the dream got there while we were talking so I know she didn’t get it from you.
You said I was the only guy you had told it to. Every single time, within 12 hours, there has been confirmation of the exact detail. It is a nice little an exclamation point from Heaven because it is hard to set that stuff up like that.
TB- Yea, God is in control of timing, isn’t He? It is wonderful when He demonstrates that.
MB- Let’s go to the heavy one from two weeks ago and those three words that you heard from the Lord. Take your time and really develop it. Don’t get in a hurry and I am going to invite Allen to jump in at anytime to clarify or to ask questions. We have too many in the room for everybody to do that.
TB- About two weeks ago, again, I had the angel Gabriel come back to me with a message. The message really being that what he had been sent to tell me back in 2001, and some other times that happened, he started with that first encounter and what he had been sent to tell me back at that time was that the “appointed time has now arrived”.
MB- I want to clarify this.
TB-We have entered this season of time, now, that God had been pointing to but He is no longer simply pointing to this time and season but He is declaring that we are in this season. I believe it has begun this year, from what I was getting from this.
When he said that to me, he began to quote a passage of Scripture, I was aware that he was quoting this passage. He said to me, “Now the Father will arise” and as he is talking about that briefly, I am aware that he is quoting a Scripture and I basically communicate to him my awareness of the Scripture which he acknowledges. The Scripture is Isa. 33:10-13.
As he started saying that, “Now the Father will arise”, I look beyond him and see the Father stand up. I see the throne of God and He stands up and when He does it becomes perfectly silent, a foreboding silence all around Him in the heavens. It was one of those things where His face, it was as though the universe itself fled from before His face.
MB- you said that it felt like that
TB-Yes, it was incredible to me. As I watched this in the foreboding sense in my own heart as I heard perfect silence as He stood up.
The first thing that He said when He stood up was, “Gather my godly ones to Me”. That is a quote of Ps. 50:5. I was aware of that because I had gotten that passage in the June 7 encounter that I talked to Mike a little bit about.
So, He says, “Gather my godly ones, to Me”. This is a call to intimacy, to draw near to the Lord, to the body of Christ. Those who did, it was as though took a garment off of Himself, the Father did and when He took it off, He cast it among His own people and it became fire instantly. Which is what Isa. 33:10 goes on to say as it talks about in verse 10, “Now I will arise…”
Then he talks about, “Now I will arise. Now I will be exalted. Now I will be lifted up. You have conceived chaff, you will give birth to stubble. My breath will consume you like a fire and the peoples will be burned to lime”. Now, this was not talking about His own people but there will be this consuming fire among His own people, first and I could hear us, as He did that, I could hear us wailing, moaning and lamenting because it burned up our stuff.
I heard this cry come up, “No!” from the people of God because our distractions, our stuff was being burned up. It really was the Lord. I heard the Mal. 3:2 passage quoted while I was seeing this saying that when He comes among us He will come as a refiners fire and launders soap. The people of God, particularly our culture, the western culture, was greatly disturbed and distressed at the loss of so much of our things.
He did that and then He spoke 3 words. First word He spoke was to the world, He said, “Fall”. When He said this I saw the infrastructures of nations, some nations themselves, structures within cities of nations began to crumble and they began to collapse.
Secondly He said the word, “Stop”. When He said this, I heard this grinding sound like machinery coming to a halt. I understood that throughout the world He was going somehow, which the last thing gave me an idea as to how, He was going to bring some of the machinery of the world to a halt.
This is over 3 days that these encounters were happening.
The last thing He spoke was, “Confusion”. When He said that I heard the passage of Scripture in Genesis concerning the tower of Babel when He confused their languages.
At that moment, I saw then, the sun did this weird, funny thing, I do not even know how to describe it but its affect on the earth was incredible. It was like a storm with flares and all of that and the gravitational pull of the earth increased. The magnetism of the earth increased. The tilt of the earth was altered so that time itself changed all over the earth.
I continued to see the affects of that was the satellites were both blinded and some of them were yanked out right out of the sky. He blinded the communications of the earth. Cell phones, all types of things, military hardware, commercial hardware, people were blinded, GPS was useless, the magnetic north itself altered which affected all forms of travel especially by sea and by land. They used to be guided by the North star but the north star will not be in the same position so it altered… It was dramatic.
I told Mike, I watched enough of it to where I didn’t want to see anymore. Everything that deals with waves, sound waves and that type of thing was dramatically affected. The equipment of that, such as pace makers in people’s bodies to help their hearts, those things were disrupted. I could see in hospitals, a lot of their machinery was not reliable or it was useless to them. I could see that in airports, in military installations.
I didn’t get to tell Mike a lot of this but the rhythm of the ocean waves changed and the tectonic plates dramatically moved and when they did it unleashed what the Lord told me in 1999, it unleashed the ring of fire in the earth and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were incredible to watch.
I sat there and thought, “Lord, will any life on earth exist by the time this is over?” and it did but it was dramatic in how it altered our civilization entirely.
I know that is a dramatic statement and I hate to even say it but I am telling you it was that major. I have never seen anything so apocalyptic in all of my experiences. I shared quite a few of them with Mike, I have never seen anything this apocalyptic and honestly, this is dramatic and just frightening to my own heart as what I saw in this as it affected life on earth in a dramatic way.
The sun’s rising and setting was altered throughout the earth as the earth tilted and time zones changed. Weather patterns meant nothing. I am talking about hurricane seasons were so altered that hurricanes were coming at times totally out of seasons in keeping with the seasons
It was dramatic. I do not know what to say other than these were things I was seeing happen. The pressure on the floor of the ocean, I saw that. Things that right now can be on the floor of the ocean and survive could not survive, manmade things, particularly talking about like oil rigs, submarines, the pressure increased dramatically from the gravitational pull. The gravitational pull surrounding the earth increased so that it was enlarged that is why some of the satellites were yanked right out of the sky.
It was those 3 things, really 4 when you throw time in there, but those 3 things were all affected by the sun itself.
Actually, the sun caused other planets within our solar system to act up. They aligned, I don’t know how to explain this, I am not a scientist, but they aligned in a funny pattern. It was not a straight line. They aligned themselves in a funny pattern and when they did that, they also affected the earth. But in comparison it was 95% solar as the sun did what it did and brought rolling blackouts, electrical disruption, water distribution disruption because it is run by machinery. It was major throughout the earth.
That was the worst of the 3 things. I didn’t say this to Mike, when He said, “Fall” to the world, He said “Bow” to the church. When He said, “Stop” to the world, He said, “Go” to the church. I knew that this was successive. Then when He said, “Confusion” to the world, He said, “Know” to the church with this scripture, “people will know their God and do exploits”. It was wonderful for the body of Christ but it was also full of calamity to the entire world.
I knew this, when he said, “Gather My godly ones to Me”, there are no safe places, honestly, there were no safe places in the earth. I believe refuge cities will be much more safe than other areas but there was no safe place. The only safe place is near to the Lord and that is the safety of the heart not immunity to some of the events and happenings that are coming.
MB-Let’s talk on this and then we will go back to June 7 in a minute. To sum this up; what happens is, Gabriel appears to you two weeks ago. It was a Monday to Wednesday a 3 day visitation, two weeks ago today. It lasted for three days. Gabriel appears to you and says, “Terry, the things I told you about in 2001 that would bring judgment, they are now beginning, now.”?
TB- That is right
MB- So, the 2001 described 3 series of 7 years with judgments and they are beginning now at a new level. That is point number one that we are walking away with.
TB- Yes
MB- Point number two, then you then see the throne, the Father stands, everyone is silent and does the Father say these 3 words or Gabriel or is Gabriel out of the picture at this point?
TB-Gabriel is out of the picture. He delivers that first part of the message and then the Father becomes everything I see from that point on
MB- and He says, “fall, stop and confusion”?
TB- exactly
MB- Then, do you have a sense of timing as to when these things happen or are these just a description of things coming in the decades ahead?
TB- Here is what I personally believe, there is beginning that is now. I believe within the next 5 years, I know this is getting …but I believe within the next 5 years we will see these things. In fact, I mentioned this a little to you, I’m jumping around a little but it ties in, I told you of an experience I had not long ago where I could see headline news that coming to our nation and to the world.
In that experience I was shown 2 dates where we could expect this headline news. The first date was June 2011 and the last date was June 2015. So, it tied it down. It has been over a month now, experiential wise where a lot of stuff has been going on but these are the most important things that we are talking about.
I have been convinced from other things that the Lord has been sharing with me, that we have entered the season and I am convinced that within the next 5 years we are going to see major impact worldwide of the Lord unleashing the June 7 things He showed me of the angels who were commissioned and given authority and power to carry out their mission. I am convinced that we are going to see, I dare say that we may see in 2012 a display of this from the sun that won’t be the total fulfillment but will b e part to where we will say “this is it”.
MB- So, you said that you saw 2 dates in the headlines. What were the headlines? Then tell us the June 7, 2010 encounter as well.
TB- There were a number of headlines. I wrote down 20 of them. I could have written more but I thought this was sufficient in what I was seeing.
This, by the way, is interesting how the Lord does these things, I was seeing these through the eyes of John Paul Jackson. I do not know John Paul very well, but I knew he was having an experience, the Lord told me that he was having an experience or had had an experience where he was seeing headline news.
I have his experience, I see the headlines through his eyes and hear them through his ears. I know, you know what I am saying? It sounds weird.
MB- No, I don’t understand. Give me one more sentence on that.
TB- This has happened a number of times in my life when the Lord shows me things that other people are experiencing. What He is showing them, He lets me see it as though I am seeing it through their eyes and as though I am haering it through their own ears.
MB- have you had a chance to talk to John Paul? Does he know about this?
TB-Yeah, what happened was, some friends here who know him because I don’t know him very much, I ministered prophetically one time to him over 10 years ago, probably 12 years ago. That is the basic contact that we have ever had was that one brief thing. My friends knew his number and they called him and had him call me so when I told him, there are a number of other secret things that the Lord showed me about John Paul as well.
I will not go into all of that but I told him about the experience of the headline news and he had just had the dream. In fact, that day he had just told his staff about the dream and some of the headlines and so it was a very dramatic thing that was very conformational to him about the headlines and a number other secret things that the Lord showed me that I wouldn’t have had any way of knowing about his life. It was just a confirming thing to him about the headline news.
I saw some of what he saw in the headlines plus I saw headlines for myself.
MB- Give us a few of the headlines, as many as you can remember that you are free to share.
TB- I actually wrote about 20 of them down. I will see if I have that before me and share a little of them. If I can find them.
MB- John Paul had not publically announced these headlines but had just told his staff that morning and had not said anything so when you told him the headlines it was confirming to him? Is that right? Develop that a little bit.
TB- that is exactly right. He had not gone public at all about the dreams that he told me he had concerning it. He had just told his staff. You know how the Lord does this. There were other secrets that God would give me certain words that he had been talking to his staff about as well. Like the word authority, for example. I brought that up to him, very specifically, concerning him and that day he had been talking to his staff about the need for power and authority.
There were some other things, secret things about his life that I wouldn’t have anyway of knowing that the Lord showed me. Those kinds of things, especially with the headline news, they were not public at all. He had just had the experience and I told him the experience he had and told him what I was about and because of a number of things he was weeping over the phone and it was a good connect. That is really the best connect we have ever had.
Anyway, it was one of those things. For him it was both confirming which was key, what he told me, he didn’t go into details, he just said he needed to hear it really badly with what is going on in his life right now.
MB- so tell us the headlines
TB-Some of the headlines, I can’t find all of them right now but I can remember quite a number of them actually. I was seeing them on national and international level. One of them dealt with martial law declared in the nation’s capital. This is over, go back to this June 2011 because I saw that date as I saw the headlines. June 2011-2015.
I saw “Martial Law Declared in Nation’s Capital”. Also marital law was declared in New York City, in Philadelphia, Las Angles, and a number of other cities around the nation. Underneath that, “Martial Law Declared in DC”, I saw “Rioting and Looting continues in Nation’s Capital”.I have seen that there was a shaking coming to Washington DC.
I know some of that is a play on words in terms of there will be a shake up in the political climate but there was a physical shaking. I am talking about an earthquake that came to the nation’s capitol. The Lord told me, “I aim to shake them”. That is just the way He said it so I knew He was being physical when He said that to me. I wondered if some of this martial law stuff was twofold, some of it being physical things going
Another important headline news was, “Resignation Fever Hits DC”. That was in our political, governmental.
MB- Did you say “Resignation fever”?
TB- Yes, it hits DC. People were resigning from the government.
MB- We are talking 1 year from today. I mean 10 months from now?
TB- Yes, that is when it begins. Also, underneath that headlines, it was thematic, the way these things came to me. There were different themes to me and I am giving the political ones right now. Another headline was, “Who Will Pick up The Pieces?” that was the unwillingness of people to step into those offices.
MB- You mentioned earlier that in June 2011 is when the economic crisis hits so undoubtedly that plays into the resignation fever that hits.
TB- I agree Mike. I was convinced, you know how the Lord does in these things, He builds one thing upon another, a lot of these things didn’t make sense to me before but they are making a lot of sense to me now as I am watching Him build upon what He has been saying and now I am looking at it and thinking, “Lord, You are making the puzzle very clear, more and more, to my heart and mind as I am watching these things”.
There were headlines also dealing with the economics of our nation. For instance, one headline was, “Unemployment Surpasses 32%. More Layoffs are Eminent”. I felt like, as I saw that, that it was a hallmark. If I am not mistaken the Depression figure was somewhere in that mid 30s was the amount of unemployment during the Depression so it was dealing with a hallmark issue as it passed the 32% in our nation. I saw that one specifically.
There were several dealing with the economic situation.  For instance, “The Eastern Nations of The World Continue To Pull Away From the United States”. I actually saw in these headlines that they were unwilling to work with us anymore.
MB- Eastern states or nations?
TB- Nations, I am talking about China, particularly, they were pulling away from us economically, they did not want to work with us
MB-When? Is that the 2011 time frame as well? You are guessing?
TB- Yeah, 2011-2015.
In fact there was another headline and Europe was doing much of the same type of thing. Same type of headline, Europe was backing away from the United States, economically because of what is going on in our nation economically.
MB- So, that is what creates part of the economic crisis, the resignation and riots in Washington DC, on and on.
TB- Yeah, exactly, and in New York, in Philadelphia and Las Angeles, I saw a number of cites that had to declare martial law in order to try to deal with the violence and chaos that was in the cities in the nation.
I had that type of thing then it would switch to a different theme here. This was another headline, “Plume Cloud Covers 50% of Nation”. I am convinced this is volcanic eruption. A plume cloud covered over half of the nation. I was convinced it was the western half, of course. Half of the nation was completely under cover of a plume cloud from volcanic eruptions. I don’t think it is just one I think that there are several.
As a matter of fact, I think that there are two. One in the northwest of our nation and one further up into Canada that is going to go off. That was another headline. It switched. It was thematic. So it switched to the theme of that kind of disruption going on in our nation, volcanic eruptions and those types of things. I can’t find all of these
MB- do you want to take a minute and look for them? We have time. I would rather you find them.
TB- Yeah, I will read them.
MB- Take a minute and don’t worry about us.
TB-…critical time for our nation. God’s intense purpose for our nation during this time and the criticalness of the time we are in. I think that I mentioned it to you Mike about what the Lord told me about the next 4 or 5 years determining the destiny of our nation. That is an alerting statement to me that we have come into that kind of season. There is the need to really be before the Lord.
I am not wanting to just focus on our own nation but our nation, I am convinced is in a desperate hour and to really stand before the Lord and cry out for His direction and His purpose for our nation. I am still looking for the list.
MB-I am going to get these headlines then I want to go to the June 7 experience.
TB- I found them. I can go down the line. I will just read them. This may not be in a sequence it is just how I was seeing them and hearing them.
Washington DC Shaken. Rioting and Looting Continue
1.     Emergency Meetings Being held by U.S. Senate and U.S Congress
2.     Governors Call for Constitutional Convention
3.     Worldwide Confidence Toward U.S.A Remains Dim
4.     Dow Slops and Drops to All Time Lows. Other Markets Tumble as Well
5.     Emergency Meetings of Economic Advisors Called for in Europe
6.     Asian Markets Seek Stability Within Asian Region. Pull Away from U.S. Begins
7.     Martial Law Declared In Nation’s Capital
8.     Resignation Fever Hits D.C.
9.     Finger Pointing Continues to Fuel Resignation
10.                        Who Will Pick up the Slack?
11.                        New People’s Party Gaining Ground With Hearts
12.                        Jobless Rate Surpasses 32%. More Layoffs Immanent
13.                        The Big Freeze. Government Spending Is Halted Up To 50%. That is an interesting one isn’t it? MB-yeah because that will create riots like crazy. TB-And there are multiple directions but it was directed towards the educational system, particularly.
14.                        Martial Law Declared in New York, Las Angeles and Philadelphia
15.                        Lights Out. Rolling Electric Outages Expected to Continue
16.                        Here Comes The Sun. TB- I had this stuff before I saw the other with the Father standing up, so it is interesting how these tie in.
17.                        Oh That I had Wings That I would Fly Away. TB-That was one of the headlines. I had to laugh about. Yeah, wouldn’t that be easy to get out of it but it is not going to be easy.
18.                        The Night The Lights Went out in Georgia. TB- This is specific to the state of Georgia. That is around the Atlanta area, I am convinced, not only power outages and other things. MB-Like What? TB- I believe there will be some major problems of like rioting, looting and those types of things in Atlanta itself. Disruption in that area of our nation of Atlanta Georgia.
19.                        The Dark Night of the Soul. Plume Cloud Covers Half The Nation
That was the last one
MB- Give us the June 7 and then anything you have, just keep going.
TB- On June 7, 2010 I had what I called the council of the Lord meeting where I went up. Location wise, there is a going up to this meeting. I went there and the Lord was standing there and He began to talk to me about the 2002 encounter that I had where I saw the nations being assembled, including our nation. I heard the sound wave type thing from the throne of God, there was communicated His original intension for our nation.
I mentioned it to you back then Mike. I could see Gorge Washington, I could see different ones standing down front and all that group of believers who came up from this nation began to intercede for that purpose, the original intension.
I was standing at the back and the Lord was standing by me. I asked Him, “What would it take for our nation to be turned back to this original intention?” That is when He said, “Sound discipline has been appointed unto your nation”. Well, I went to this meeting on June 7, 2010 with the Lord and He brought that up
MB- June 7, 2010?
TB- That’s right. He said, “The time of sound discipline is upon us.” That is what He said. Our nation has now entered into the time of sound discipline.
When He said that then 5 angels, one at a time, came into the meeting and each one was commissioned of the Lord for the now and were being given a mission to carry out and they were given authority and power to carry out the mission.
The first one was given authority and power over the winds of our nation.
The second one was given authority and power over the waters, which was the sea, the rivers and the ocean.
The third one was given authority and power over the lands which included the seismic activity in our nation.
The fourth one was given the same thing over the heavens both to shut up the heavens or to unleash deluge as well as the stellar part of the heavens.
Then, the fifth angel authority and power over to raise up the nation or to tear it down, whether it would be a nation or not
MB- America? So, the fifth angel’s message was, America is in the balance, in essence?
TB- Absolutely. The Lord had already told me that, “The next 4 or 5 years will determine the destiny of your nation.” So I am looking at this, thinking “O no”. That was the most frightening of the angels, his countenance, the air about him. None of these angles would look at me. They were focused and intent upon the Lord and on what they were being released to do in this nation.
I watched that and then I saw three human beings, who are with the Lord, despite what I believe, appeared. The first one was George Washington. This one is going to get you, the second one was Thomas Jefferson. It got me because I sure didn’t think he as with the Lord. Somewhere later in his life he got with the Lord. Thirdly was Robert E Lee, all from Virginia, all playing key roles in our nation’s history in this sense, all of them resisting tyranny and oppression, those types of things.
George Washington actually spoke to me about the righteousness that exalts a nation and he begin to talk to me about the fathers of our nation. During that time the Lord actually said something to me about the fathers. He said, this is a unique quote of the Mal. 4 passage, He said, “Unless the hearts of the fathers of our nation turn to the children, now, we will not have a nation”.
What He meant by that as He went on to talk about it; I had never heard Him use it in this context but what He meant was, we are spending money that we don’t have and we are laying that debt upon our children. I was told that our children will never be able to bear up under the debt and the pressure that is going to bring.
That was an interesting thing. Thomas Jefferson spoke to me more than any of the rest of them. His was entirely around the area of true liberty and true freedom. He said, “It is the Son, or the Truth that makes men free”.
TB- SON. He talked to me about that, about the reality of that with our nation. Of course we have gotten away from that. We have gotten away from truth. Number one, we have lost the fact of who is the Truth and God being that. He spoke to me…
Honestly guys, it is that realm to where you are busted and you don’t have to say anything. Your thoughts are read. It is communication outside of human language or any language. My first thought was, “I didn’t believe you were with the Lord”, that was my first thought out of my mind.
I have learned to try not to think in these kinds of encounters because it gets me in trouble. He addressed that directly. He looked at me and said, “Do you think that I got the wisdom that I had from my own being?” That is what he said. He attributed it entirely to the Lord. Somewhere later on his life he came to the Lord. I was convinced of that because I saw him there.
Robert E Lee, the same thing, he talked about this; I mentioned it to Mike, all three of them did, to where they were forced to take a stand. George Washington did not want to, neither did Robert E. Lee, they didn’t want to have to take a stand but they took a stand for freedom, for liberty. I know this from the encounter, we will be too, we will be forced, in these times, to take a stand. It will be inescapable for us.
That was that part, in a nutshell, that part of the encounter of them dealing with the tyranny that is coming to our nation and the reality that is coming to our nation as well. I was convinced because of the men who they are, that we are looking at war. I know that we have talked about this before, civil unrest, civil war. I am convinced that there is almost a certainty that some measure of that is going to happen in our nation and the people of God will have to take a stand, they will be forced to take a stand. We will not be able to not take s stand.
MB- So, these were all men in political and military conflicts taking a stand. So, you are saying that the fact that these were military figures, even though Jefferson was not technically but he was in the midst of the Revolutionary and all of that stuff, you are saying that we have to take a stand and there will be military implications in our nation to it?
TB- Yes, there will be. George Washington didn’t want to fight the British and Robert E. Lee didn’t want to take a stand either. He didn’t want to be forced into war. He didn’t want it to go that way. He was against slavery on a personal basis, himself. They were forced into the conflict.
I say that, only in my own heart, I still wrestle with this issue. I am like, “Lord, I don’t want to be forced into the conflict in an unrighteous way, a way of the flesh.” But, the message was loud and clear to me, these men loved God and were forced to take a stand and we will be too. I was convinced of that.
In many ways in my own heart, it was very challenging and continues to be very challenging to me because I would rather continue to keep my eyes on the Lord Jesus and there is a reality to this, and to continue to proclaim the gospel and continue to see what we are seeing but our nation has always had men and women who stood up and that is why we have the nation we have.
That was made really clear to me in the encounter that they did not have luxury of not getting involved. I am still wrestling with that, honestly, in my own heart. How does that look? What are the requirements? What is this going to look like? That type of thing.
MB- Intense
TB- Is that good?
MB- It is clear
TB-Not necessarily good, but clear, I agree with you guys
MB- So, what should we be focusing on as ministry?
TB- My heart has been overwhelmed with this thing that I said a little to you mike, of the need, what I saw in 2002, the need for intercession concerning the nation and nations specifically in these next 4 to 5 years. If that be true, if the destiny of our nation will be determined in the next 4 to 5 years, I just thought that this is as key of a time in our nation as it was in the other two times represented in that encounter, in the Revolution and in the Civil War.
I have been convinced that this moment of time that we are living in, as a generation, is key to our nation and many of the other nations of the world as to what direction we are going to take and whether we will survive as a nation without there being a split or multiple splits.
I have really been seeking the Lord over that, for God’s release to His body, number one, that He would shake us awake and get the distractions out of our way. We will get our hearts free from that which makes it cling to things. Of course there are legitimate things but the problem is when they rule us and rule our hearts and begin to dominate us. That is more of what I am talking about. That is what I believe the Lord is focused on.
If we get free of those encumbrances and to really seek the Lord, to really connect with His heart in this momentum and become vessels in His hand during this very, very difficult time that we are coming into. This has been my prayer.
One of the reasons that I wanted to connect with you, Mike, is to bear my own heart and the burden that is on me of the “keyness” of this time in intercession and standing before the Lord. I know that you guys do that and I wanted to pass some of this onto you of what is on me and the “keyness” of this time in intercession and standing before the Lord.
MB- So, the key word that you have for us is to keep praying.
TB- Yeah, it is. We cannot create fervency but God can sure release it among us, and you guys well know that. I am convinced that God wants to release fervency and that fire represents that as well, fervency within His people. Clarity as well. The removing of the distractions and the things that bind our hearts is to free us so that there can be clarity to know times and seasons and what needs to be done.
MB- So, we need to operate in the anointing of prayer in a greater way.
TB- I agree and expect the fervency of the Lord upon us much like I saw with those angles, the Lord released to them the very thing to carry out the mission. We need that as the body of Christ because there is that mission in front of us during this time.
If our generation, and I am convinced of this, is going to stand in this most critical point of our nation’s history, which is a wake up all. That is the way I see that. It is the most critical time. It is more critical than the formation of our nation, more critical than the civil war. We are to stand in the moment in history where the most critical point in our nation has arrived in these next years.
God wants us to have insight and understanding His heart, His vision and His purpose and to stand with Him for His purpose in our nation. I feel like in my own heart, I know this is true of you guys too, I don’t know what all is true in other parts of our nation but what a time for intercession. What a time for our ears to open, out eyes to open. Seeing and hearing
MB-So, we need the water level to increase at the intercession and at the revelatory realm?
TB- Yeah, I believe that Mike. I was going to share a little of this with you. I believe that there is a fresh release of the Lord coming. It is going to encapsulate some of these things we have been talking about, seeing, hearing, healing, the release of the Lord in healing in dramatic ways again. I believe that is part of God’s heart and what He is ready to release them to the Church.
But, again, part of that dynamic right now, what I saw is He will have to burn up our distractions. You are aware of this totally. You are aware of where the body of Christ is and what the Lord wants to quickly among His people to get our hearts undistracted and back on what is priority and what is most important, which is Him.
MB-We have fire hitting the nation but we have the river of God hitting the church or we have the fire hitting the church too?
TB- It is that opposite where it is, “fall” to the world, it is “bow” to the Church, that is the place of worship, that is the place of awe and reverence, the place of communication, communion and intercession before the Lord.
When the Father said “bow” to the church it brought us right back to, what is in the book of Revelation, chapter 2, for the church of Ephesus, first love. It brought us right back to that. When He said to the world, “stop”, He said to the church, “go” it was a release like the book of Acts. When He said to the world, “confusion” to the church He said, “Know. People who will know their God”.
MB- Do you have any specific word about the January word you gave us or any specific word for IHOP right now?
TB- I do believe this, I hinted about it a second ago, Mike, I believe you guys can expect a release of the healing power of God among you over this next quick season. I believe the Lord wants to release this quickly is what I mean by that. The healing power of God among you.
I saw the need for it. This is what I was seeing. It could be wrong or right, let me know. I saw the need for physical healing among you as a people. Not that God hasn’t done any of that, He has been but I am saying a greater release among you and through you. I could see it among the people of IHOP. They themselves were in need of healing in their bodies.
If that seems right I just want to say that the Lord told me that there is a release of healing you can expect over this next time frame. The Lord comparing it to me like what we saw some of in 40s and 50s, in that time frame, only the Lord wants to go way further with that and take the stops out and go further than what we saw.
MB-Like the river to go all the way over our heads
TB-Exactly right. What I saw, I shared with you this thing, if this is ok, I shared with you, for the meetings ya’ll have been having Allen, It was a couple weeks ago the Lord spoke to me out of Ezek. 47:4, particularly where the water is flowing to the ankles. I felt the Lord tell me, “If you guys will come away with Him”, in other words, stop for a few months, that the Lord’s desire is to take it to the knees.
That was the next step. This is in no way, I am trying to be as clear as I can, this is in no way some kind of a failure or any of that but you have attained what was in the release of God. You have attained to the ankles so in that sense there was a completeness. The Lord’s desire now is to release that which comes up to your knees.
I believe what the Lord told me is if guys will come away for a few months, 6 months to a year and wait on the Lord, seek the Lord, then you will start again at a time in the future and you will see the waters up to the knees. God’s aim, in this, is to go that next step to the loins and then the final step is a river that people can swim in. God has an objective of the river that people can swim in.
I have been convinced because of what He has shown me about this out of Ezekiel 47 that each one of those steps will be preceded by a time of God reenergizing, recharging and preparing us and making us ready for that next release.
MB-What do you mean each season will be preparing? What does that mean?
TB- In other words, I believe that right now the Lord is saying, “Come away. Pull away. Stop your meetings”, not from a sense that it is a failure, at all, but the exact opposite is actually the truth. You have attained to ankles.
Now you are in a season where the Lord wants you to come away for a few months and then He is going to release a fresh part of that river up to your knees. I am convinced that this fresh release of the Lord will be contingent upon the knees.
MB-Then you are saying that stops and there is preparation for the next one? Is that what you are saying?
TB-Exactly. Up to the loins then that will attain its purpose
MB-Then we stop that at an appointed time and then another season begins
TB-Exactly right
MB-Then we stop that one and another season begins?
TB- I don’t know, on that fourth one it is a river that people can swim in and I have wondered if at that point, to me that speaks of the fullness of the grace package at that point and the fullness of release. I wouldn’t say that but that is really what is there in Ezek. 47. Once it got to that point, to that fourth stage there was just abundance.
MB- Now, this is for IHOP, specifically, or just the nation or the church in the nation then IHOP? It’s all the same.
TB- Specifically for you guys. Just to say, Allen, what I am trying to say, I want to express this really clear.
Allen- I am totally fine with what you are saying
TB-This in no way reflects like “Oh we missed it”. That is absolutely not true. It is that the grace that you had has reached that place and been there at the ankles. I believe you know this already, there is confidence that there is more, there needs to be more, you know that there is more, God is saying to you, There is more. It is going to come up to ankles, but you have to pull away. The Lord wants to reenergize, prepare for this next release. One has to stop for the other to start.
MB- When did you get this? A day ago or a month ago?
TB- Just two weeks ago, all of this, I know I keep talking about the two weeks. That was intensive time for me. Ezekiel 47 starts with the ankles and I felt that was the first release of grace, for a time, Allen.
The Lord is now ready to pull you back, to stop pull you guys back away from what you have been doing with the intent of releasing the waters up to the knees. I believe that is a 6 month to a year period of time where you will come away and be before the Lord. Then the Lord will make it very clear, power wise, release wise, when it is time to start again and you will see it go to the knees at that point.
God’s heart is all of the way to this river. He has the river in sight. I believe the key thing is because of your willing hearts to come away with Him and let Him do it, that is a key to attaining the fullness of what He has purposed in His heart. It is contingent upon your own hearts simply responding and saying, “Hey, we will come away, wait on the Lord, let Him do what He is going to do and release this next flow and release of the Lord”.
MB-Do you have anything more for Allen, personally like you did 9 months ago?
TB-No, is the British brother there? Wes, I saw, I don’t know what I shared last time I was with you, I think I shared some things but I saw with you, this release of healing power, through you in a very dramatic. I know I have been talking about this, s very dramatic release of healing power that will flow through your life even unto your family, actually and the family of God right where you at right now, the people of God around you.
God is going begin this release of healing to a greater degree in your life. I felt like you have already seen some of it but the Lord is going to dramatically increase that flow of healing, words of knowledge concerning healing as well as the physical touch of healing being released to people.
MB- When did you get that and how did you see that?
TB- Today, I was just before I talked to you, I wanted to be aware. In fact I believe that the Lord’s desire is to heal some of the people in the room right now. I am talking with family members and those types of things.
I was just made aware of this, I felt from the Lord earlier that He wants to begin, almost immediately with you guys to release healing because there is the need for it. Even for the folks in the room, I do not know who all is there but I sense that there is a great need for a release of healing upon you, through you guys, unto your families, immediate families and the family of God that you are in the midst of. God wants to release healing
MB- Anything, obviously no pressure, you don’t have to have an answer for this, anything for our Bible school? It has really had a lot of growth the last year and we are about to explode again. Some big things have happened. Do you have any thought about that?
TB- Not particularly. I think some of what we are talking about applies there as a whole but not particularly.
MB-I am going to ask anyone in the room if you have any comments. Just one by one if there are questions anyone has. Allen do you want anything?
MB- I think we’ve got it. We really appreciate this. We are going to get this thing transcribed. Would you like a copy of it?
TB- I would if you don’t mind sending it to me. I would like a copy. Let me make a couple last comments here if that is all right. Let me share this about healing, I am focusing in on a few things. There are some bleeding, blood disorders. I am talking about things like the lady with the issue of blood.
She touches Him and is instantly healed. I want to mention this to you guys, there is going to be God’s power released and His authority in these arenas for blood disorders, bleeding disorders, sleep disorders, those types of things, digestive track problems. The Lord is going to be healing. I just wanted to point out a few of these things. There you go
MB- Thank you thank you! We are going to hang up and have a little prayer meeting now
TB- Ok, brother, I sure do love you guys
MB-We love you too man
TB-Blessings to you. Love and kisses to all of you.