Communion Church Ministries
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Win Them, Build Them, Send Them


ALTAR WORKERS - Assist in ministering to those persons who come forward for prayer and prepare for communion.
AUDIO / VIDEO MINISTRY - Responsible for graphics, audio, camera operations, video control, video and audio tape operation and duplication.
FOLLOW UP CARE - Provides natural and spiritual help in the nurturing and development of the needs of the new members of CCM.
HOSPITALITY MINISTRY - Coordinates and provides refreshments for CCM functions.
CHILDREN'S MINISTRY &  NURSERY - Assist in teaching infants and children the Word of God with the same emphasis as the adults.
MARRIAGE MINISTRY - This ministry is designed to impart the value of using godly principles to govern marriage relationships.
MEN'S FELLOWSHIP - Creates a strong bond of brotherhood and unity among men to enhance their spiritual growth.
PRAYER MINISTRY - Responsible for training Believers in the fundamentals of intercessory prayer; intercedes daily through established prayer groups for the Body of Christ, the lost, and CCM
PRAISE & WORSHIP TEAMLead the congregation into the presence of the Lord through Praise and Worship. 
USHERS - Responsible for keeping order and assisting during services and special events at CCM.
WOMEN'S MINISTRY - Ministers to the special needs of women through meetings, conferences, and ministry activities.
YOUTH MINISTRY - Ministers to the needs of the teens who attend CCM through Youth Services and activities.