Communion Church Ministries
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Win Them, Build Them, Send Them

Senior Pastors

Pastors Leonard H. & Cora Lee Barber


Pastor Leonard H. Barber was born again in 1967 in St. Louis, Missouri at Kennerly Temple, Church of God in Christ.  After being born again, his heart’s desire was to serve and please God.  In 1977 the Spirit of God spoke to him in a Sunday morning service saying “Get up; I have called you to minister My Word’.  From that moment on he has endeavored to teach the truth proclaiming the Gospel that sets the captives free.  Pastor Leonard demonstrates a profound love for God and compassion for people.  He has a heart to see men and women walk free from sin and bondage.

While pursuing the call of God in 1978, he attended a Campmeeting in Tulsa Oklahoma with Brother Kenneth E. Hagin, founder of RHEMA Bible Training Center.  This birthed a desire to attend RHEMA to study the word of God.  He said to himself, “I would like to go to this school.”  The Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, ‘Come on’.  Several years later, Pastors Leonard moved his wife, their three daughters and son from Creve Coeur, Missouri to make a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After graduating from RHEMA in 1983, Pastors Leonard and his family returned to St. Louis, Missouri by the direction of the Holy Spirit.   He worked as the Director of Counseling for Victory Christian Outreach Church, under Pastors Lee and Doris Rice

Pastors Leonard and is wife, Cora Lee, began Leonard Barber Teaching Ministries as an outreach of Victory.  Later, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, the ministry’s name was changed to Communion Ministries and the couple traveled as evangelists until the Lord set them apart as pastors by the laying on of hands by Pastor Raphael Green in 1989.  This calling was confirmed by a prophetic word from the Lord, and as a result, the church, Communion Church Ministries, Inc. was established in June 1989. 


Pastor Cora Lee Barber


Pastor Cora Lee Barber was born again in 1964 in Kennerly Temple Church of God in Christ in St. Louis, Missouri.  She became active as a member of the Junior ushers, Sunday School,Young Peoples Choir, the Kennerly Temple Church of God in Christ Radio Broadcast Choir, and served on witnessing teams in the streets and in hospitals.  Pastor Cora later became an announcer for the radio broadcast hour as well as personal secretary to the pastor, now Bishop R. J. Ward. 

Pastor Cora graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1983 with an emphasis in Children’s Ministry.  Pastor Cora and her family returned to St. Louis, Missouri by the direction of the Holy Spirit and worked as the Children’s Church Director for Victory Christian Outreach Church, under Pastors Lee and Doris Rice.  She emphasizes that Children are our future and that it is vitally important, and our responsibility, to provide our children with a solid foundation in the Word of God.  That foundation must be built with the same emphasis that we give adults.  Her heart is to teach the infallible word of God to the hearts of children from infant to adulthood.   She is also a dynamic teacher for Adults, providing the plane truth to help them grow up in God.  She also serves as the Administrative Director of Communion Church.