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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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“A New Season”

Transcript of “A New Season” a message taught by:

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
Jesus Ministries
August 20-21, 2011 in New Jersey, USA

Shall we bow our head for a word of prayer. (singing) I love You, Lord, and I lift my voice to
worship You, O my soul, rejoice. Take joy, my King, in what You hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ears.
Our gracious and loving, heavenly Father, we come before Your holy presence in the name of
our Lord Jesus Christ this evening. Thank You for gathering all Your dear children from far and near
today, Lord. You stretched out Your hands to bless them last night. One more time I ask You to stretch
out Your blessing hands upon every one of them right now. Let us bring all our hearts and minds
together right now. Don't let any distraction come into your heart. Don't let your mind wander here
and there. Cast away all other thoughts from your mind. Unite your hearts together. Let your soul and
your spirit and your body become one. Don't be disintegrated, don't be divided. When you become
one, only then you can receive all that the Lord wants to give to you. So bring...for a moment now,
bring everything that is within you into oneness. Thank You, wonderful God. Thank You, wonderful
God. Thank You, wonderful God. You must not only come into the house of God just to receive a
word for your personal life, or just get a prayer or a touch from the preacher – that should not be your
motive. Your motive should be to come and present yourselves before God, and then let the Spirit of
the Living God speak to you.
In the Old Testament you read, when Moses erected the tabernacle, the entire 12 tribes of Israel
came and presented themselves before God. And the glory of God appeared before them to see what is
in the heart and mind of each and every one. And then they all, when they worshiped God through
sacrifice, the Lord met with them, providing for all their needs, so much so the Bible says there was
none feeble among them. So tonight I ask you to lift up your hearts like that. Cast away whatever
selfish motives there are. Whether you have come to receive a prayer for your blessing, or a prayer for
healing, let that not be your motive now. Your motive should be that you want to present yourselves
before the God of Israel. You want to come and present yourselves before the all-seeing eyes of God.
Change your motives. Thank You, wonderful God. I'm going to invite the worship team to come up
here. Come on, lead us in one nice, beautiful worship song: “Then Sings My Soul”. Let us all lift up
our holy hands to the throne of God. And as our precious worship team, these young children, lead us
into a worship of God, I ask you to put away all other thoughts away from you. Put away...cast away
all other thoughts from your mind. Lift up your holy hands, lift up your holy hearts, and worship Him
so that He will be enthroned in our midst. (worships)
Open the eyes of our understanding, O Spirit of the Living God, that we may hear what the
Spirit of God wants to speak to the churches in these last days. In Jesus name, we pray, amen. Please
be seated. Are you enjoying the wonderful worship by our young people? Come on give them a good
(clap). Thank you. They have come all the way from Philadelphia, from a wonderful Indonesian
church. God has got wonderful saints everywhere, isn't He?
Please turn your Bibles with me to the book of Joel, chapter 2. As I was waiting before God
today, this is the word the Lord gave unto me. There's a new season that is coming to the body of
Christ. This is my message: “A New Season.” That's the title of my message: “A New Season.” You
know, times and seasons are given by God. Every culture, they measure times and seasons differently.
Some look to the moon, some look to the stars, some look to this, some look to that. They've got
different ways of watching for seasons and times. We don't want to turn to the left or turn to the right
to follow the Eastern culture or Western culture. We will follow the Bible culture. Amen? Because
whatever is recorded in the Bible is not just given to one people group. Although it may seem that they
were given specifically to one people group – the Jews. But remember one thing, it's not even Jewish
culture, because this comes directly from God. So when it comes directly from God, no one people
group can put a copyright and claim this is our culture. So, I'm going to share with you God's culture
now. God's seasons and God's times.
The times and seasons are given by God. If you read Genesis chapter 1, verse 14, and Psalms
chapter 104, verse 19, it says that God made the sun, the moon, and the stars for seasons and for times.
See that every time there is a new moon or a new star that appears, it is a sign. A sign that something is
going to take place. For example, when the Lord Jesus Christ was born as a baby, a new star appeared.
The wise men from the East saw a new star, and when they saw this new star, they knew within them
that a new King has been born. Something strange is going to take place. The sun, the moon, and the
stars are for seasons and times. God did not just simply create them to give out light. The sun for the
greater light and the moon for the lesser light – not just for that, but for seasons and times. Remember
that. They are created by God.
And then the Lord selected for Himself a special people group. You know, after Adam sinned,
humanity depraved so low that it was far from the original creation that God made them. From Adam
all the way up to the time of Noah, mankind has dug so deeply in sin, so much worse that words cannot
describe how terrible human sin was or human culture was. And as a result of the co-population
between demons and humans, there was another different kind of offspring that was monstrous,
gigantic, and totally very, very demonic in their nature. You'll read about this in Genesis chapter 6. As
a result, the Lord had to destroy the then known world and the then known mankind, and He just
preserved for Himself one righteous family. If you read Genesis chapter 6, verse 8, it says, “And Noah
was perfect in his generation.” You know, what it literally means is this: that Noah being perfect did
not mean that Noah not only lived an upright life, but his very genes were not corrupted by the crosspollination
between the demons and humans. His entire lineage was pure, was perfect. That's what the
scriptures say. He was perfect in his generation. His genes, his blood, his DNA were untainted,
unspotted by demonic influences. That is why God separated for Himself only Noah's family, because
in him his blood was clean. His blood was pure. His blood was untainted by demonic influences.
From Adam to Seth to Enoch to Noah, the pure, holy lineage was preserved. So God separated for
Himself only Noah's family. He made an ark and you know the story of Noah and the ark, and after the
destruction by a flood, a new generation began to populate the earth through Noah's family. His three
sons and they went all over the world and they began to populate and people started being born.
Now when people started being born, again corruption sets in. Idol worship, demon worship,
idolatry, all kinds of worship except the worship of the true living God came upon the whole face of the
world. Now how is God going to show to the world His true intention of how man should have
originally lived? So He picked for Himself a people group among the many people in the world. One
small people group – the Jewish nation. The Jewish people, He picked them from Abraham. He
picked one man: Abraham. And now Abraham, by the way, was not born of a Jewish tribe. If you look
at his background, he was an idol worshiper, maybe like a Hindu or a Tibetan or a Chinese or whatever
that background, you know? His family specialized in making idols and selling them. That was
Abraham's background. Idol worshiper. His family and his father was like a priest, worshiping idols.
And being from that family background, one day the Lord spoke to him. The true living God. And
called him out of idol-ism to walk after the true, living God. So he came out, and from him came out
the Jewish people. God took out a people for themselves, as an example to show to the whole world
this is how man should have lived if he had not sinned. Or, this is how man should live. And then
Moses came. God gave him the many, many commands. Commandments that man should live by.
You know, when God took out the Jewish nation, He told them very specifically. If you read Exodus
chapter 19, verse 6, there it is written: “I have taken you apart so that you can be a peculiar treasure, a
peculiar people. You must not live like the others. You must be an example for others. So in all the
heathen nations around you, see the very special and peculiar lifestyle that you are living. They will
know that the God of the Hebrews is the true, living God. They will know that this is the way all
nations should live.”
You know, when Moses was sent to deliver the children of Israel, the Hebrews were living in a
place called Goshen in Egypt. When the judgments of God fell upon the entire region of Egypt,
Goshen was untouched. When the locusts come, when the frogs came and this come and that came, not
a single frog or not a single locust will cross the boundary to go into Goshen. They all seemed to know
the boundary. And the Egyptians, when they saw that, they were astounded. How is it that none
of...not even a single blade of grass in Goshen were eaten by the locusts. Why is it not a single frog
crossed over the boundary to go to Goshen. Why is it the swarm of bees and flies did not cross the
airspace to go into Goshen? Why is it that not a single one of the firstborn of the Hebrews died? This
began to open their mind and their eyes to see and to know that the God of the Hebrews is the one true
living God.
The same thing will be repeated today. When you walk righteously before God, separated from
the lifestyle that the rest of the people live, whatever the Hebrews experienced in Goshen, you will
experience. There will be famine all around you, except in your house. Others will be losing jobs, but
not you. That's what it means, you know, there will be famine. Famine does not only mean lack of
food, but it also means economic famine. There will be famine all around, except in your house. If
you read 1 Kings chapter 17, when Elijah went to Zarephath, he saw one poor widow who was going to
die because she was starving, she and her children. No food to eat. One last dough or flour, they're
going to make some nice chapati. Chapati is a very, very delicious Indian pancake. Most delicious.
That's why even it dates back to Old Testament times. They're going to make nice, cheese chapati. Or
naan bread, whichever you're familiar with. They're going to make that, and she is going to eat, her
children are going to eat. That's the last meal and they're going to die. And then comes this prophet
Elijah. So the Lord tells him...see God knows all things, everybody agrees? God knows there's famine
in the land because it is Elijah who prophesied that there will be famine for three years. And in the
midst of all the famine, the Lord tells him, “Elijah, I'm going to sustain you. Don't worry, you're My
servant. I will take care of My servants. Go to Zarephath.” So Elijah was so excited. There must be
some rich person in Zarephath who has all got his house stocked with fruit for the end times. Just like
what you all do, no? From floor to wall...ceiling, stocked with all kinds of cans. Campbell's soup,
Campbell's beans, Campbell's this, Campbell that, everything. Stocked up. So Elijah talked like that,
you know. Then God said there is a widow. Uh oh. A poor widow, what can a poor widow do. “As a
widow I have appointed her to take care of you, go there.” So sometimes widows are also...there are
rich widows, you know? Isn't it? If you look at some people in society, a very rich old man has a very
young, beautiful wife. Isn't it? And a rich, very old man will die soon and the very young, beautiful
wife will inherit all his wealth. So, there may be widows who are very young, very, very rich. So
probably Elijah thought it was like that – very rich, rich widow.
And when he went to Zarephath, he was shocked in all his life, to see this widow just on the
verge of dying herself. So when Elijah walked into Zarephath, that poor widow was taking up some
sticks and he was just looking around, looking for direction where to go to look for this widow. And
the Lord told him, “That is that woman that I have chosen to feed you.” One look at her, whatever faith
Elijah had must have all flown away. And he thought to himself, no, how can this woman feed me?
Anyway, he went to her. He said, “Give me some food to eat.” So she said, “Sir, I myself am going to
die. How am I going to feed you?” Now look at this prophet – very, very uncompassionate. Very
mean. He told this is how it would be said if he had lived during this day. He would have
said, “I don't care whether you're going to die or not. (laughs) Since you're going to die, why eat and
die? (laughs) Just make some dough or bread for me first.” That's what it means, right? Then the
woman looked at him and she thought, you know, since we are going to die, why eat and die when we
can starve and die – you'll die faster. So, she decided to obey. Now listen. She obeyed the word of a
prophet. She did not consider herself. You know a mother can suffer hunger but no mother will allow
their children to suffer hunger. Am I correct, mothers? But here is a woman who was willing to
minister to a prophet and at the expense of even seeing her children suffer in hunger and eventually die.
She may have thought in her heart, you know, what good is it that if I just live for a day – what good?
I'm not a blessing to any people, but if a prophet lives, he can be a blessing to an entire nation. So let
me give my bread to him so that he can live longer and do more greater things for God. See look at her
beautiful motive. And as she was making dough and Elijah ate it to his hearts content. That is the
Eastern custom, you know? They'll first feed you to your heart's content, then once you are full in your
stomach with all your heart you will bless the family. That's a typical Eastern culture. So after he has
eaten to his full, then with all his heart he blessed the family saying, “There will be no lack for flour or
oil in your house till the rain comes.” And for three years, there was a miraculous supply of flour and
oil only in the widow's house. When there was famine all around the entire region, there was an
uninterrupted supply, supernatural supply. You know how this took place? Because the widow was
prepared to give even in the midst of her suffering. She did not give because she had much, but even in
the midst. See this is a secret to prosperity. You give and then you receive, good measure, pressed
down, shaken together overflowing. Man shall give unto your bosom. The Lord wanted to bless this
widow, a righteous widow. How is He going to bless her? You see, a spiritual law must be fulfilled.
So He sent Elijah there. So by the widow giving to the needs of the prophet, she in turn received a
prophet's reward. Good measure, shaken together, overflowing, rich supply.
And God took for Himself a people that will be distinct from all, and He gave them several
festivals, and those festivals signify seasons and times – not just simply a festival. And God gave them
seven festivals. Firstly, the Passover. The Passover signifies the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Second, the Unleavened Bread. This is eaten closely after the Passover, which signifies the celebration
or the communion that we take today remembering the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Third, the First
Fruit harvest or celebration. That signifies the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. He
is the first fruit to be resurrected. And fourth, the wave loaves, or the Feast of the Weeks. This is called
the Feast of the Pentecost. Now this came to pass in Acts chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit was poured
out on the day of Pentecost.
Now out of the seven feasts, four have come to pass in our days in relationship to its prophetical
fulfillment, except the last three. Now the fifth one is the Feast of the Trumpets. The trumpets are
blown to signify the future regathering of the Jewish people. Or it also signifies, where the scripture
says in first Thessalonians chapter 4, verses 16 – 17 and first Corinthians chapter 15, verses 50 – 52,
that when the last trumpet is blown, all the dead in Christ will rise up. They will be regathered. The
Feast of the Trumpets.
Sixth: the Day of Atonement. The Day of Atonement is the one particular day where the high
priest will go into the most holy place to make atonement for the people of Israel. That signifies the
judgment day that is going to come. The Bible tells us or speaks of two judgment days. One is the
judgment seat of Christ. All believers, all those who are truly washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, will
appear before this judgment seat of Christ to be tried of the works that we have done. You'll be judged
on three areas: your thought life, the words that you speak, and your lifestyle, your actions. How you
lived. What good you did or what bad you did. After the judgment seat of Christ comes the final, great
white throne judgment that you read in Revelation chapter 20 where every person dead from the time
of Adam all the way up to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ – every person who ever was
born on this earth will come and stand before God on that day. And on that day, people will be judged
out of the Book of Life, whether they have accepted Christ or they did not accept Christ. So that
happens on the Day of Atonement, or the judgment day.
The seventh is the Feast of Tabernacles. This is one feast that is popularly celebrated all over
the world, but what does it really mean? It really signifies naturally the Lord wanted the Israelites to
celebrate this feast to remember their days of wandering in the wilderness. They're living in tents, so in
their promised land when they have nice houses to stay, the Lord told them you must celebrate the feast
to remember the days of your wandering. So they make booths out of bamboos or palm leaves or like
tents and they stay outside their houses in tents and they have this celebration called the Feast of
Tabernacles. What does it really signify? Christ's second coming. God will come to abide with us in
our midst. If you read Revelation chapter 21, you'll read that the New Jerusalem comes down from
heaven and it abides in our midst forever and forever. And if you read Isaiah chapter 66, it says from
one moon to another moon, from one Sabbath to another Sabbath, shall all flesh gather in Jerusalem to
worship the Lord forever and forever. For 1,000 years, the tabernacle of God, the New Jerusalem, will
physically abide on this earth where all...where the redeemed saints will rule the earth together with the
Lord Jesus Christ.
That is just a brief nutshell I'm sharing with you about the feasts. The reason I'm not going into
depth is because my purpose is not to major on the feasts, but to just share with you that the feasts were
given to the Jewish people as seasons and times. That every time they celebrated these feasts, it
signifies something is going to happen next. The Passover that they were eating signified to them that
there's coming a Lamb of God that will be slain for the sins of the people. When they blow the
trumpets, they will remember there is coming a day when the last trumpet will be blown and all the
dead in Christ will be regathered back again. So everything that was given to them is for a season and
times. Likewise, the Jewish new year. We all celebrate new years. We have the English new year on
first January, the Indians have their own new year in April 14, and the Chinese have another new year.
The Jewish people have another new year. Different cultures have different new years, but the new
years and the festivals that are given for the Jewish people, they are given by God. Please remember
that. Take away from your mind the term the Jewish people. The festivals are given by God, not just to
a Jewish people, but through them it came to us. It's for us. Now the Jewish new year called Rosh
Hashanah, this usually falls from mid-September to October 15. It's between that time. It will go back
and forth, but during that period. It's called the month of Tishri in the Jewish calendar. During this
period, is when the Rosh Hashanah – the new year – begins. When a new year begins, many things
begin in the book of God. Many new things begin in the timetable of God.
So tonight I want to share with you a new beginning that is going to take place this September,
when the new year of the Jews begins. This is the word the Lord gave me to come and share with you.
A new beginning is going to begin. The entire world is going to enter into a new season, a new era
when this new year begins on September 28th. This year, 2011, the new year for the Jews begins on
sundown, September 28th. So that day will signal the beginning of something. Now when the new year
begins on Rosh Hashanah, from Rosh Hashanah up to another festival called...or the Day of
Atonement, it's called Yom Kippur. There's a ten day period. And during that ten day period is a time
for soul searching. Now let me give you in a brief nutshell – I'm going to cover this in greater detail
tomorrow about Yom Kippur – this is something that you should never be ignorant about. It's a very,
very important day, not only for the Jewish people but for every Christian.
Because I have learned in my walk with God that when these festivals begin, something new
also happens in heaven. That convinced me beyond any shadow of doubt that all the festivals that we
read in the Bible that were supposedly given to the Jewish people, do not belong to the Jewish people
but they belong to God. That's when I became very convinced that whether you celebrate or not, that's
a different issue, but what matters is this – according to the seasons and the times that God has spoken,
when this will take place, that will take place, this should take place – at that time, something in
heaven rotates / moves on to the next. We enter into a season and a time. Whether you are aware or
you're not aware, the season and times changes. Just like when the new year begins on first January,
we celebrate with great fireworks. Likewise, when the Jewish new year begins, whether the
people...the Jewish people on this earth celebrate or not, I don't know and I know they celebrate, but
one thing I know for more absolute sure than what takes place on the earth, there is a change that takes
place in heaven. That I know for absolute sure. The angels of God are given new assignments, there's
a new page being opened in heaven, a new chapter being opened, and a new laws, wills of God are
written for each and every individual. So, let me just say very briefly now and we'll look into great
detail tomorrow.
From the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, a new page is opened in your life. A new page. Let's
say all your past mistakes, whatever good or bad you have done, they all are forgotten and a new page
is opened for you. And based on, let's say your previous past year, let's say for example, in the past
year you made some vows – said I will do this, I will do that, and you did not keep the vow. Those
unkept vows will be written in the new year. O, this person did not keep that vow. Point number one.
Don't laugh, I'm being serious, but I'm just giving you a small example, you know. But this is what
really takes place. Number two, let's say you have unconfessed sins that you did not confess, but if you
confessed the sins, the blood of Jesus covers them and they appear as if you have never committed
them before. Your slate appears very clean, very new. Only the blood of Jesus Christ has the power to
erase something that has been engraven on pages of gold. I have seen the Book of Life in heaven, you
know. It's not just written there, they are engraven on those pages of gold, and only the blood of Jesus
Christ has the power in the entire known universe to wipe away that slate clean. So when you confess
your sins, the blood of Jesus cleanses all clean. But suppose you did not confess any sin. One or two
just seeped through. And when the new year begins, when your new page is opened, they will look into
the past. Oh, this person has got these two unconfessed sins. They are also written there, and all other
things based on how you had lived. Maybe you spoke some unkind words to somebody. You hurt
them. Or you did not give your tithes to God, you are a robber, oh, and they carried forward to the new
year. They all are written in the new year.
Now when the new is written in the new year, the judgment will be passed on Yom
Kippur day. So, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur day there are ten days in between for you to
make your appeal. See when a criminal is sentenced to either small punishment or big punishment, he
has a chance to appeal, isn't it? They are given a small window frame, but during that window frame,
they should make an appeal, or they can make an appeal. If after the window frame, they did not
appeal, subsequently later they cannot make an appeal. Likewise is this window frame, this ten days
window frame. For us to search our hearts, see what if there be any remaining sins of the past year.
You call to remembrance your vows, unkept vows, unkept promises, whatever that remains, you will
rectify during the ten days. And on Yom Kippur day, that is the most solemn of all festivals in the
entire Israel. You know, the whole nation comes to a standstill. Even today in Israel on Yom Kippur
day, all offices are closed. It's the most holiest day in the entire Jewish life. They go to synagogue or
they pray, they just do no work and they present themselves before God. God sees you, and then a
judgment is passed. Sealed. Whatever that is sealed on Yom Kippur day goes for the next one year.
It's very serious, you know.
So, there is a new season on Yom Kippur day of 2011. A new era is going to begin. The church
is going to enter into a new season, a new era after. Yom Kippur will fall on October 8th, 2011. After
that day, the church will enter into a new season, a new era like she has never seen in her entire church
history. What is an era? An era is a period of time marked by distinctive events. The period of time to
which something is assigned. Now beginning from Yom Kippur of this year, a new season, rather, the
final dispensation for the end times will begin.
When Abraham was called by God, the very birth of Abraham signified a new dispensation.
Abraham signified the dispensation of covenants that God made covenant with Abraham. He said unto
your seed and the seed that follows I will give this land. I make a covenant that your seed will
propagate forever and ever. Your seed will be like the stars in the sky, like the sands. The Lord was
speaking to a man who was 100 years old and totally barren, and He said out of your body will come
out kings. Out of your body will come out a great nation. And the word that the Lord spoke was not
mere promises to give hope to a barren woman or a barren man, but it's a covenant that the Lord makes.
A covenant is stronger than a promise. A covenant becomes very unconditional. Promise sometimes
become conditional, but the covenant is “it will be done.” It's a promise – sure word of promise. Just
like the blood of Jesus. It's a blood covenant. Anyone who calls on the blood of Jesus Christ will be
saved, because that's a covenantal promise. So Abraham's birth ushered in a new dispensation – the
dispensation of covenants.
Now next comes Moses. The birth of Moses is not an ordinary birth. An ordinary preacher that
was born, an ordinary prophet who was born and then sent to prophesy, no. His very purpose of his
birth signified another dispensation, a turning point in history. Among all the people of the world, God
picked out one man called Abraham, and the entire history turned around through that one man. And
when Moses was born, when Moses was called, an entire history was turned around with the coming of
Moses. When Moses came, a new dispensation came – the dispensation of law. That was introduced
through him. It lasted from Moses right up unto the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
When the Lord Jesus Christ came, another turning point in history. His birth signified the
redemption that will come from sin, and the Lord Jesus Christ ushered in the dispensation of grace.
That's another turning point. Now that dispensation of grace from the time the Lord Jesus Christ died
on the cross has been going on till now. Now, on Yom Kippur day, that dispensation will take on a
different turn for the end times. How it will be, we will make a public announcement about that
dispensation. The Lord has called us to conduct a prophetic conference during that period – October 7
to 10. You can watch it live on Angel TV ( And we will...when we will
publicly introduce this new dispensation that is now...the church is going to enter into the new seasons,
the new era that it is going to enter into. You know, when we telecasted the live event in India, it's
prime time in India but it will be early morning hours in the West. I'm sorry about that. It's what, three
o'clock or four o'clock in the morning? You always watch, you know. What time is it? Eight? Eight
in the evening, or eight in the morning? Eight in the morning – that's not too bad. Ah, that's not too
bad. But in California it will be what? Five o'clock? Poor thing. Anyway, you know it is one thing to
see a recorded event when you have free time, but it is another thing to see it live as it is happening at
that particular moment. It's totally different thing. And one of the mandates the Lord gave me, when
we started...when He called me to start this 24 hour network called Angel TV, is to...whenever
important announcements that heaven wants to make, it should be a live event telecast to the whole
wide world. And we make that provision. And last year, about this same time, there was another very
important day. And this time, we are going to announce this new season and the new era. What I'm
sharing with you tonight is a prelude to what we are going to share in the conference. So please watch
it from October 7 to 10. So don't miss it for anything else, because this involves your destiny. What
you receive from God at that moment will make a big world of difference if you see it later on through
a DVD or a CD. Because you missed that particular time when God will reach out to touch you or the
moment when heaven is opened for you to enter in, in the presence. So don't miss it for anything else.
Now what will the church experience in this new era? When I mention church, it also includes
a family or a believer. So for a larger term I'm going to use the word “church” but it does not just mean
a church, it can also mean a ministry or a family or an individual. Now what will the church
experience when this new era begins? Six things. Firstly, there will be a new level of the
demonstration of signs and wonders in the church. So far, you know if you look at the early church in
the book of Acts, the church was born with a great demonstration of signs and wonders. Not only the
Apostles were used by God in signs and wonders and healings and deliverances, but even ordinary
disciples in the church like Philip. Philip was an evangelist, and he had a great signs and wonders
ministry. If you read in Acts chapter 8, it talks about him. And he had four daughters who all had the
gifts of prophecy. So the early church – not only the 12 apostles – but every single person in the church
had a mighty signs and wonders ministry. Every one of them were a minister. Today, that's not the
scenario. Only the pastor seems to be the miracle worker, or special evangelists are miracle workers
and the rest of the believers we are content to just listen to some wonderful men of God who had a
powerful walk with God. We are content with secondhand information. This is all the past.
Now if you look at the early church, every one of them not only had a signs and wonders
ministry, but also a living encounter with God, with angels. Angelic activity in the church was so
common that everybody in the church were seeing angels. It was not something...great big deal. But
today, let's say later on, we are going to pray and someone out there sees an angel, how will you react?
Ooooh! Isn't it? We make a big deal about it because this is a very uncommon thing. But if you read
Acts chapter 12, Peter was in prison. He was set free. He came to the apostle's place and a servant
girl...he knocks on the door. The servant goes to answer the door and she asks, “Who goes there?”
And Peter says, “It's I, Peter!” And she recognized his voice. She quickly ran back into the house to
tell everybody else that Peter has come. And now look at how everybody reacted. They were so cool.
They said, “Oh, don't worry, it's not Peter, it's just his angel.” And they were back doing their business
without even giving another second thought to the angel who was standing outside. I used to be so
fascinated when I read that incident, you know. How common must be angelic activity in the early
church, so much so, they did not even bother about welcoming the angel into the house. Because they
knew that if it's an angel, he can walk through the doors. Why bother to open the door? He can find
his own way into the house.
My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, the church will be restored back to the glory in which
the church was founded in the first place. Amen. It will be not only a restoration to what she was
before, but it will be greater because the Holy Bible tells us in Haggai chapter 2, verse 8 and 9, the
glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house. So whatever you read in the book of
Acts is nothing what you are going to experience in this new season. So the church is going to
experience signs and wonders at an unprecedented level. That you will never be able to look for any
precedence in the Bible. You know, let me give you one example. In Acts chapter 5, you will read that
when the Apostle Peter was walking on the streets, they will bring sick people and put down on the
streets so that when Peter is walking, his very shadow when it falls on the sick people, they will be
healed. You read that in the Bible. But I tell you, in this present times, not only the sick will be healed.
Even the dead will be raised. This is not a faith statement from me now – I'm telling you what the Lord
Jesus told me. That even the dead will be healed. Not just merely you walking, even the very shadow
of your church building, when the unsaved, when the sick and those that needs a deliverance come pass
by within the shadow of your church, they'll be healed. They'll receive their miracle. They'll get
delivered. Even without the preaching of the word. As soon as people come within the atmosphere of
your church, they're going to drop down to their knees, put up their hands and cry to be saved. This
will take place. The glory of the latter house will be greater than the glory of the former house.
This is a new season. And let me emphasize to you one more time again, in this new season, it's
not the pastor, not just the evangelist, not just the apostle, not just the teacher, not just the prophet, that
God is going to use mightily, but every common believer. Are you a common believer? See, we are
the same. The only difference is I am wearing different clothes, you are wearing different clothes.
That's all. Other than that, we are of the same category. Common believers. Your season and your
time has come.
Secondly, the church will take on a new identity. How does the world look at the church today?
Stinking, rotting building. Right? That's how the media looks at the church, because of all the
substandard lives that many ministers live. When you have a gay pastor standing in your pulpit, and
you have a bunch of rotten things that come out of their mouths, the people out there in the world, they
will see that if the church can approve a gay lifestyle, what is the difference between a gay Christian
and a non-Christian who's a gay? Any difference? No difference. So if there's no difference, why do I
have to accept Jesus Christ, if anything that is filthy also is practiced in the church? The people of the
world divorce and remarry, divorce and remarry, divorce and remarry and in the church, which is
supposed to hold marriage very holy, and if you do the same, marry and divorce, marry and divorce, so
why should the non-Christians become Christians when there's no sanctity in your midst? There are
people in the world, corporations, businesses that embezzle money. And then you have people in the
church that do the same thing. Embezzling of money. You cheat the people, you milk the cows. If you
do the same, why should I, be a Hindu or a Buddhist, or an Atheist, believe on the Christ that you who
don't live a righteous life, preach? This is how the world is seeing the church today. Weakling.
Powerless. Doesn't stand up, doesn't even believe what the Bible teaches. You know there are more
unbelievers in the church than unbelievers out there. Isn't it?
Once upon a time in India, there was a village that was experiencing great drought. For many
months, there was great drought. So the pastor gathered his church and he said, “We are going to pray
for rain. We must change the spiritual climate in our region and bring about rain.” So that Sunday in
his service he preached a powerful message on faith and believing God for miracles. He preached a
storm up and then he told the congregation, “This afternoon, after lunch, we all are going to gather in
my house and we are going to pray for the rains to come.” So everybody got excited. And at two
o'clock in the afternoon, the pastor walked into his living room and there were only eight grandmas in
his living room. You know, in every church there are these praying grandmas. Amen? You won't find
many praying youths, you won't find many praying young adults, but you will always find one group of
very faithful, praying grandmas. Am I right? So out of that big church these eight grandmas gathered
together and the pastor can always count on them, you know? Whenever he needs anything to be
prayed, those grandmas are there like pillars for him. And as they were about to pray, an eight year old
boy walked into the pastor's house with a big umbrella in his hand. And everybody looked at him.
Why are you here? He said, “Pastor, I have come to pray for rain.” So the pastor then and the
grandmas asked him, “Why have you brought an umbrella?” He said, “When we pray, the rains will
come so I need an umbrella to go back home.” As soon as he said that, all the grandmas laughed like
how you all laughed. Everybody laughed. Oh, you silly boy, how can the rain come, we're just going
to pray. We're just going to pray, that's all. So, now just mark all the words that I'm saying, you know.
So the pastor said, “Ok, grandmas let's all pray”, and they sang one hymn, “In the sweet by and by.”
You know after singing that hymn, and the pastor led the prayer, and he said, “Grandmas, all of you
pray one by one.” So all the grandmas they prayed, one by one by one. You know? O Father, we need
rain, then blah blah blah they went on in prayer. Finally this young boy...and when the last grandma
prayed the pastor wanted to close the prayer. When this boy put up his hand and said, “Pastor, I want to
pray.” And the pastor looked at this little boy, ok, let's just encourage him, you know. He said, “Ok,
you pray.” And that young boy, he heard the pastor's message on faith just a few hours earlier and was
full of believing faith, and he prayed a very short, believing prayer. When he said “Amen!”, there was
a thunder storm and the rain started falling, and the pastor opened his eyes. He looked around. The
grandmas opened their eyes and looked around. And the boy looked at everybody, opened his
umbrella, smiled and walked home. You see, how many unbelievers there are in the church. If you
believe God for rain you better come to the church with an umbrella. Why are you coming to the
church without an umbrella if you don't believe God. See by this fictional story that I just told you, you
can identify yourself with the present stage of the church. There are more unbelievers and many more
unbelieving prayers that we make in the church than there are unbelievers outside the church. Now this
will change. The image of the church as an unbelieving church will change. And your hearts will
change, your minds will change when the Lord pours out His Spirit upon you.
Thirdly, there will be a great increase in revelational knowledge of God and the things of God.
If you read Revelation chapter 10, verse 7, when the seventh angel blows the trumpet, then the
mysteries of God will be completed. It will be made known to the world.
Fourth, there will be a great harvest of souls. In the past, when you conducted an evangelist
meeting, whether in the church or outside the church, when you have a small number of harvest; now,
you will have a great, large harvest that will come into the church. Even people will go...come out
seeking where a church is. They will want to know who is Pastor Fred and they will call, “Pastor
Fred!” And they will look at some Chinese people, “Do you know who is Pastor Fred?” What's your
Chinese name, pastor? Shr Zhong-Shr. They may see the name in a dream. Shr Zhong-Shr, when he
prays for you, you will be healed. And they don't know who is Shr Zhong-Shr and they are wondering
who is Shr Zhong-Shr. Now I'm not saying this to make fun of a pastor, I am telling you a truth. You
know, where I live in India in the Himalayas, this is an incident that happened 20 years ago. There is a
country next to India called Bhutan. Have you heard of Bhutan? It's a Buddhist nation. And there was
this woman, a Buddhist woman who was suffering with a terrible illness and she had never heard of a
Christian, although there are Christian churches, secret Christian churches, underground churches in
Bhutan. Because Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom and they don't allow open church services. So this
woman was dying and she had a dream. In the dream, an angel appeared to her and she said, “There is
a man of God in India called Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. If you get in touch with him and if he prays for
you, you will be healed.” This is a Buddhist woman. And it has been many years since I last went to
Bhutan during that period of time. And this woman went all over Bhutan, mentioning my name and
looking for me. She did not know that I did not live in Bhutan. Finally, she met another Christian
whose church I had been to, and she mentioned my name and they said, “Oh, he lives in India, and he's
not living in Bhutan.” And she got my address and she wrote me a letter for prayer. She described her
dream. She said, “I was told, if you pray I'll be healed.” And I prayed for the woman and she was
instantly healed of an incurable disease. As a result of that, she and her household got saved.
See, such supernatural things will take place more often in this coming new season and era.
People will suddenly be given names of you – your names. Angels may appear to them in a dream or
in a vision or even physically in person and say, “If you go to that church and if you ask the Pastor Fred
to pray for you”, or mentioning your name, “You will be healed.” What I just shared with you about
that woman is just one of the many testimonies that have happened in our ministry. So many other
people. Once a woman was on the verge of committing suicide, and she went to...this happened in a
state called Sikkim in India, in the capitol city called Gangtok. She was contemplating very seriously
to commit suicide. She went to the Post Office to mail some letters, and when she came out of the Post know, in the Post Office in India, there are big notice boards. She was just thinking, who
is there who can help me? And as she walked past by the notice boards, something made her just stop
and look. When she stopped and she looked, there was a little pamphlet: “Do you need prayer?” And
then my address written there – please contact. And she called me. She said, “I saw your pamphlet on
that notice board.” Now we have never put out a pamphlet on any notice board anywhere. How this
woman saw that I don't know. But when I prayed for her, she and her entire household were totally set
free and added to the church. Supernatural means how souls will be added into the church. This is
going to happen now – a great harvest of souls where the angels of God are going to work together with
you. Just like how they work together with the early church – they are going to work together with you
for the final harvest.
Number five, the spiritual realm will become very, very visible to the believers. No more it will
be just, someone who is so close to God like Moses or Enoch have open visions and they see God – no,
every single believer in the church. You will experience an open heaven before you.
Finally, a prophetic company will rise up from the church. If you read Joel chapter 2, verse 28
and 29, and Acts chapter 2, verses 17 and 18, it says: “On the last day, I will pour out My Spirit upon
all flesh, and your sons and your daughters.” The word sons and daughters do not refer to older
children, they refer to younger children anywhere from a newborn baby up to 12 years old. That is the
age group – sons and daughters. Before they reach puberty. Average age of puberty is about 13. So
before that age, they are called sons and daughters, and the Holy Spirit will come upon your sons and
daughters and they will prophesy. They will see visions. That's the first group. The second group:
“And I will pour out My Spirit upon the young men and the young women.” That is the youths. The
youths is anyone from the age group of 13 up to 29. When you reach 30, you're considered an adult.
This is according to the Bible reckoning. Then, “And upon the old men and the old women, I will pour
out My Spirit and they shall dream dreams.” Old men – I'm sorry for the word old. I know in America
you don't like to hear the word “old”. Unfortunately, old is old. Whether you like it or you don't like it,
we don't say 70 years young. That's a lie. We'll throw away lies, ok? Everybody ok? We'll just face
the naked truth. Is that ok, everybody? All right. Old: anyone above the age of 50. Sorry about that. I
belong to that category so we all are the same. 50 and above. You are considered...not, of course, at 50
a person can still be young, but we are talking about age classification, you know? They come under
that category. “And they will dream dreams. And on that day, upon your servants and the
handmaidens, even the domestic household workers, the servants, the handmaidens, the slaves, I will
pour out My Spirit and they shall prophesy.” See, in a family there are children. There are young
people. The father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, and you have servants ok in the family. Every
person in a family will become a prophetic person. Hallelujah. They will become a prophetic person.
That is what God is going to do in this new season, this new era that is going to come. Which means,
every pastor will become a prophetic pastor. Every evangelist will become a prophetic evangelist.
Every apostle will become a prophetic apostle. Every teacher will become a prophetic teacher. Every
minister of God will become a prophetic minister of God. Every person that is named of Christ will no
more be an ordinary believer but you will be a prophetic person. You will see visions, you will
prophesy, you will dream dreams, and God will use you prophetically to set the captives free. This is
what God is going to do in the new seasons.
This is the vision that Ezekiel saw in the valley of the dry and dead bones. If you read Ezekiel
chapter 37, verses 1 – 10, Ezekiel was taken in the Spirit to this valley and he sees totally dry, dead
bones. And then God tells him, “Prophesy!” When he prophesied, all the bones came together,
muscles, sinews, all the joints joined together and it stood up, the Bible says, as an exceedingly great
and mighty army. That's what's going to happen to your church. Your church may look like a dry, dead
bone church. I don't mean to say this to insult you or look down upon your church, but if you honestly
look around the entire worldwide body of Christ, that's the pathetic condition the church is today. Am I
right, everybody? Very pathetic condition. But, it's going to change. Amen. It's going to change. All
the churches that are open to the Holy Spirit, they are going to be resurrected. Resurrected with this
new resurrection power that is going to come upon the church where you will no more be classified as
a dry, dead bone. You will become a prophetic church. A church that will demonstrate to the whole
world the living Christ. What the Jews were supposed to show to the whole world what the nation
should be, you are going to show to the whole world what a people of God will be. Amen! That's what
you are going to become. What you are today is not how you are going to be after two months later.
Your life is going to change. Your destiny is going to change. Your future is going to change. Your
entire purposes are going to change. Amen! Amen! Come on, give a good clap to the Lord.
So, now that you have heard the purposes of God, we need to ask one question now. So what
should we do? That's a very important question. What should we do? From Rosh Hashanah – that
means from September 28th, 2011 up to Yom Kippur, October 8th, which means from this point of your
time, August 20th, 2011 up to Yom Kippur, October 8th, 2011, you have about two months. During this
two months, God wants the church to seek the face of God. These ten days, these times, shall be
seasons of seeking the face of God. The church, the believers must pursue and seek God like you have
never done before. The seeker finds. If you don't seek, you just simply wait, then God bless you.
During these days of seeking God, you must ask God one thing – what is your destiny, what is your
purpose? Why are you on this earth? What is your purpose? What is your destiny? You know, you
are not a dog or a cat. Have you seen a dog or a cat, he'll get up in the morning and just lie in the sun
all day until lunch time or dinner time. And the cats, you know, more than the dogs, they are the real
masters in the house. They'll stretch their legs, they'll open wide their mouth and they yawn as if they
are the real masters of the house. The amount of pampering a cat and a dog receives, more than your
sons and your daughters. Right? All the fine cat spa, dog spa, whatever spas that you have. Cat
pedigree, dog pedigree, manicure. Even the cats and the dogs get manicured. I don't get it, you know.
You're not a cat or a dog who lives a purposeless, meaningless life. You are created in the image of the
living God. There is a purpose why you are born. There is a purpose, there is a destiny, why you are
born for such a time as this. And you must seek it out. You must find it during this window of time.
That is what God requires out of it. You must seek God and be prepared for Him.
You know, no matter what can be said or done, there will always be very sadly, two groups. If
you read Matthew chapter 25, verses 1 to 14, the Lord Jesus tells a story about...a parable about ten
virgins who were going to meet the bridegroom. Five were wise, five were foolish. Now all the ten are
virgins. All of them are going to meet the bridegroom. That's the common thing about them. And they
all had a lamp. They all had that. There was only one difference: five were wise, five were foolish.
Because the five were wise, they had oil and extra oil, because they thought ahead. What if the
bridegroom delays coming? See they thought ahead. The foolish, because they were foolish, did not
think ahead. They thought why? They took it for granted. They say, if He says He will come, He will
come. They couldn't think beyond, they were foolish. You know, there is a saying, or a culture in
Japan. If a father looks at a son and says, “Bring me a hammer”, and the son goes to the storeroom to
bring a hammer, he not only grabs a hammer, he will grab a box of nails, he will grab a screwdriver,
he'll grab all kinds of tools and bring to the father. Because, he will fathom in his mind, he'll figure out,
why is the father asking for a hammer? Which means he also needs nails. He will think a few steps
ahead, and he brings the entire tools for the father. This is a Japanese culture. This is how the wise
virgins were. They thought ahead. What if the bridegroom delays His coming? Then we must have
extra oil, because if we are going to use these wicks, this oil and the wicks may get burned out, dried
up, so we need extra oil or like having extra batteries. They thought ahead. The foolish virgins did not
think. They thought, ok, He will come. If He wants to bless me, let Him bless me.
This is how many Christians pray, you know? Lord, if it's Your will to give me, give me. If it's
not Your will, it's ok with me. Have you seen people praying like that? All my life I've seen people
praying like that. If you ever pray like that, I guarantee you today, you will never receive anything.
Because you are behaving like how a person walks to the wishing well and looks (sighs) and throws a
coin and walks away. You make a wish. God is not a wishing well. When you pray, your prayers
should not be wishy-washy prayer. The Bible says when you pray, believe! That God has already
answered your prayer before your eye sees them. You must come to that level, you know. Believing in
your heart that you have already received that which you have asked for before your eye sees. But the
church today is so trained to see with their eyes first before you believe in your heart. That is why
many prayers go unanswered, because you don't believe. If you believe, you must act according to
what you believe, like the story I told you about the boy. See, before he left his house to come to the
church, he believed in his heart that when they pray the rains will come. If the rains come, how is he
going to come home? So he brought an umbrella along. Whereas those praying grandmas did not
believe the rains will come. Or maybe they thought, if the rains come, good, we can spend more time
eating cookies in the pastor's house. Maybe, huh, I didn't realize until right now. That could have been
another motive for the grandmas.
Anyone in history who has ever moved the throne of God are those who have prayed believing
prayers. Without any doubt in your heart. 99% of Christians pray with so much of doubts in their
heart, and they end up always doubting. Does God really love me? Did God really bless me? Don't
look for external manifestation. The Bible says, “Whatsoever you shall ask, believe then you receive.”
First you believe with all your heart, then your eyes will see. If you don't believe with all your heart –
all your heart meaning 100% of all your heart – then stay on that promise. God has already blessed me,
doubt not. If you doubt, you destroy the effect of your prayer. You know when you speak, your words
they conform. If you speak words contrary to what you have believed or what you pray, those negative
words will nullify whatever you prayed. Plus minus will always equal minus. That is basic math. So
when you pray, you are praying positively. And then when you speak, you speak negatively. Plus
minus equals minus. That's why you don't get your needs met. The words of your mouth and the
meditation of your heart must be acceptable, must be equal and acceptable before God. Your
meditation in your heart cannot be positive, and the words of your mouth be negative. Then they won't
be acceptable in the eyes of God.
My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, first you analyze and check your own life. How much
of unbelief there is inside you. I know many people who come for healing prayer, you know? When I
lay my hands on people to pray, out of ten heads that I lay my hand, I know nine are unbelief. Nine are
unbelief. But those who have the faith to believe I'll feel you know power being drawn from my hand
going into their bodies. I've felt that many times. Most of the other people have this attitude, oh if God
wants to heal me, He can heal me. If He doesn't want to heal me, it's ok, I can go to the Doctors. That
is why, even the many, many of the great healing evangelists that you have in your nation, they see
more signs and wonders when they go outside the US than inside the US. Because people in India,
people in Africa, they don't have money to seek medical treatment. And all they have is faith. And
they come to God. Lord, You must heal me. They come with that simple faith that if I go to God, I
will be healed.
You know, once in my meeting, a woman with cancer in her uterus, given up by doctors to die.
She was in the last stage of cancer. Before she left home, somebody told me that I was conducting a
meeting in the town's auditorium and God is doing miracles. So I did not know this. Later on she
came and testified. She made a vow, or she said like this. She bought a bottle of poison and she told,
“God, if You are the true God. I am going to go to the meeting. If You don't heal me, when I come
back home I'm going to drink this poison and commit suicide.” With that vow, or with that intention
she came to the meeting. And after I finished preaching a message I prayed for the people. And I
asked all those who need a healing to stand up to your feet. And several hundreds of people stood up.
And I usually tell them, take your right hand and you put on the part of the body where you have a
problem. Now out of the hundreds of people who are standing up, it is impossible for me to know what
people's problems individually are. So during the time of prayer, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing
beside me. My spiritual eyes were opened. And the Lord pointed His finger at one particular woman
and said, “This my daughter, she has cancer in the uterus. Tell her that I'm healing her.” Now she's a
non-Christian. So I pointed my finger in that direction and I said, “The Lord Jesus tells you, my dear
daughter, that He's healing you of the cancer in your uterus right now.” And the meeting finished and
then we used to invite people to come up to the stage to testify what the miracles that God has done for
you. So one by one many people came up, and this woman came up. And she told the whole story
about the poison, about this, and that, and she said “When this Sadhuji prayed, when he said, 'Daughter,
the Lord Jesus is touching you', I felt a bolt of lightning hit my body right where my womb is and
whatever I have felt in my womb just disappeared and I feel so good, so well, all the tumor is gone.”
See, people in India, or in Africa, or in what you would call the third world nations, they come
to God with that attitude. Only God can do something for them. If not, they'll have to die. People in
the West is, if God wants to heal, praise God, if He doesn't want to heal, also praise God. See when
you have that kind of a wishy-washy attitude, you will come empty headed and you will go empty
headed. You will come to the front in a wheelchair and you will go back in a wheelchair. That is why
the many great healing evangelists that are in the US don't see that much of great signs and wonders in
the US like they see in the third world nations. People stand for hours in a meeting, you know? In a
very recent meeting that we conducted in India, we conducted a fasting prayer from ten o'clock in the
morning right up to four in the afternoon. 20,000 people were gathered there in a city called
Bangalore. 20,000 people were gathered there. From five o'clock in the morning – the gates will only
open at ten – from five o'clock in the morning, they came to occupy the front row seats and they waited
patiently and the sun was extremely bad. The climate here is so beautiful compared to the climate
there. Everybody, I was drenched in my sweat, and not a single person got up from their seats to go
back home till the last prayer finished. That's how people come, hungry for God. To them it is either
God touches me or I die. They come with that attitude. I must meet God, if not I will die. What's the
point to live. You don't come with that attitude. You come with an attitude, if I meet God good, if I
don't meet God so what, it doesn't matter. You laugh, why are you laughing? Isn't this what society
is...Christian society is? You must change your attitude.
First, it must begin in your heart. Your attitude must change. You must come to God to seek
His face. For the next two months, seek God like your have never sought God in your entire life. If
you will do that, I promise you in the name of the Lord Jesus, before whom I stand, even before Yom
Kippur day, you will meet God. Even before that day, you will meet God.
I see an angel of God standing in this auditorium right now. And he is testifying that everyone,
anyone, who sincerely seeks God, they will certainly enter into this new seasons, into this new times,
even before that appointed day. And there are some people here, this angel tells me, who will see the
heavens open before you, and angels of God ascending and descending, and your house will become
like the tabernacle of Moses where the glory of God comes down and abides. Not only you, but even
your children will see the open vision glory of the Almighty God. Your eyes will also be open to even
see the ark of the covenant, momentarily present in your living room. And angelic activity will
increase in your house. Even your little children will come up and say, Mama, I saw an angel in my
room. Mama, I saw the Lord Jesus Christ. Mama, I saw a scroll coming down from heaven. Get your
hearts ready. Get your hearts ready. Seek like never before. Especially if you are a minister here, or a
minister's wife, or you are doing some kind of ministry. Set aside days to fast and seek the face of God
like you've never done before. If you will do that, you will receive the scrolls from heaven concerning
the destiny of not only your life, but also your ministry, what God wants to do next in your life. That
will be revealed to you. Shall we all stand up for a word of prayer right now?
Thank You, wonderful God. Thank You, wonderful God. Especially, this angel tells me now,
all the children that are in our midst – parents, please take your right hand and place it on the heads of
your children right now. Thank You, wonderful God. Thank You, wonderful God. If your children are
somewhere, please go and grab them right now, quickly, and place your right hands – the father and the
mother – place your right hand on the head of your children right now. Thank You, God. The first
word is addressed to the pastors, ministers, who are here. Sanctify a fast in your church. Call for a
general assembly to fast and pray. Gather your people. Blow the trumpet. Gather them. To humble
themselves in sackcloth and ashes, to seek the face of God. And when you do that, the Spirit of the
Lord will come to reveal the shortcomings in your midst and thereby bringing you into a state of
repentance and preparing you and your congregation, your church, for a mighty visitation from the
living God.
Now for the children, parents please listen carefully, especially the angel tells me, the first word
is directed toward children. Babies right up to 12 years old, 13 years old. Train your children to walk
in the ways of God. Teach your children to walk in the ways of God. Don't give the excuse they are so
small, they know nothing. Even if you have a baby, speak the word to them. Play the word of God to
them, continually, so that their spirit man can listen to the word of God. It will go into their spirit and
transform them into a son or daughter of God. And I see a vision right now. When you speak the word
to your children, or when you play a CD of the word of God, when your children are listening, light
from the word will flood their soul and it will create a temple for the holy one to come and abide in
them. Teach your children to eschew evil, to hate evil, and to walk in holiness. It is the duty of the
parents to teach them to walk in holiness. Thank You, wonderful God. Teach them to close their eyes
from looking at evil. Teach them to run away from all things that is of the flesh.
Next, the young people, the youths, from 14 up to 29. My dear, young sons and daughters,
guard your virginity. Keep your body chaste, pure and holy till your wedding day. Don't allow the
enemy to desecrate your flesh, to corrupt your morals. Guard your soul. Guard what enters through
your eyes, through your ears, into your soul. All that glitters in the world outside are not gold. Guard
your soul. As I'm speaking these words, I see many angels. The first angel that I saw is a very huge
angel that is standing by the doorway of the church, but the angels that are under his authority, I see
them, many of them standing around with a golden trumpet in their hands, besides every young person.
And if you be faithful to seek the ways of God, and to give yourself to prayer, and to meditation of the
word of God, and to keep yourselves pure, holy, and unspotted, the trumpet signifies the prophetic
gifts, the gift of prophecy and also not only prophesying, but also seeing into the spiritual realm – it
will be given unto you. Thank You, wonderful God.
Now to the elders in a family. The angel says, build an altar in your house. Build an altar, a
prayer altar. The altar that is broken down in your house, rebuild it up. Set up an altar in your house
where the family can gather together to pray. If you build an altar unto the Lord, it will become a place
where God will meet you. It will become the house of bread, and it will become a place where there is
an open heaven. The angels will ascend and descend. And I see right now in a vision, when a family
creates an altar like that, and when you gather to pray, the glory cloud of God will surround your entire
family and your house will no more be a house but it will become the temple of the living God. Thank
You, wonderful God. Thank You, wonderful God. Glorious, wonderful Jesus. One more time, this
angel of God is addressing the ministers who are in our midst. Put away all the dross, all the chaff, all
the unfruitful branches and trees away from your midst. Do not compromise on the standards of the
living God in your midst. If you will lift up an ensign for righteousness and holiness in your midst,
truly, the glory of God will rise upon you like the sun of righteousness. Thank You, wonderful God.
Shall we all kneel down. I want you to take few moments right now to respond to what you
have just heard. Open your heart and you talk to God right now. If you believe with all your heart that
you heard God speaking to you, if these words bore witness with your spirit, and you receive it, then
you please open your heart now and you talk to God. You tell Him that you will make your house a
house of prayer, so that God will come to abide in you. That every church will become an end time
church like the wise virgin. It will become a signs and wonders center. It will become a house of
bread. A place of open heavens. Are you, O pastor or minister of God, willing to allow the Holy Spirit
to purge your church? Are you willing to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse your church? Are you
willing for the Holy Spirit to sanctify and purify your church? Even if it means to losing some
members like unfruitful branches or unfruitful trees? So that, that which remains will be holy unto the
Lord. Are you willing? If you are willing, O pastor or minister of God, open your heart and you talk to
God right now. Believers of God, are you willing to put away all your mundane Christianity and seek
God like you've never sought Him? With believing faith, not unbelieving, open your heart and you talk
to God now. We have a small window of opportunity. Before October 8th, you must get ready to
present yourself on that day, so that you may enter into a new season. Your seeking God, your
searching your own heart and making amends should begin from today, and go all throughout to the
Yom Kippur day. So talk to God now.
Holy Father, I lift up all these precious saints before Your presence right now. As You are
hearing each and every person's prayer that comes from their heart, in response to the word that You
sent to us through Your holy angel, Your holy eyes that are before us right now looks into every heart.
Every person bending their knees, not only bending their knees, they are also bowing their hearts
before Your holy presence. Your eyes are seeing everything. And now I pray, that You will try them
and know them, what is deep inside them. Lord, as they are responding to Your word to give
themselves over – not only them but also their family – to seeking Your face from this day onwards,
until the day of Yom Kippur, on October 8th, 2011, I pray that every one of them who are in this church
and all those who will hear this word through CDs, that You will do a new thing in their lives. That
they will be positioned to enter into that new era and that new season. The final end times dispensation
that is going to begin very soon. You will meet every one of them. Every single father, every single
mother, every single youth, every single child, every single minister of God, every single pastor, every
single woman of God, and every single church. The Spirit of the Lord, like a great flood, will carry
them into the new season, in a new beginning before the end. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord
Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus.
As I am praying these words, I see the Lord Jesus Christ like the son of man coming and laying
His hands upon some people who are here. Not everybody, but I see Him laying His hands on some
people, blessing you according to the intent of your heart. Thank You, wonderful God. And the Lord
Jesus turns, looks at me and He says, tell them, “Very soon, I will speak to them.” Thank You,
wonderful God. If you truly seek Him with all your heart, like you have never sought Him before, you
will truly hear the Lord speaking to you, in visions, in dreams, in audible voice, even in an open vision.
Some people may be caught up to the heavens to talk with God. Thank You, wonderful God. The Lord
Jesus tells me again, He says, tell them again, “If you truly seek Me, you shall truly find Me.” Thank
You, wonderful God. Shall we stand up to our feet. Lift up your holy hands to the throne of God.
(sings) Then sings my soul, my savior God to Thee, how great Thou art, how great Thou art. Then
sings my soul, my savior God to Thee, how great Thou art, how great Thou art.
August 21, 2011
Good evening, everybody. It's a joy to meet all of you once again tonight. Shall we bow our
head for a word of prayer. Our gracious and loving, heavenly Father, thank You for gathering all Your
dear children from far and near one more time today before Your holy presence. As Your presence is in
our midst, when Your children offered their sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, I now ask You in the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that You will stretch out Your blessing hands and lay upon every one of
Your dear sons and daughters, and our little ones who are gathered here tonight. That hearing they may
hear, seeing they may know. Circumcise their hearts, Lord. Circumcise their minds. Circumcise their
ears, that we may hear what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the churches in these last days. In
Jesus name we pray, amen. Please be seated.
Once again I welcome every one of you to this meeting in New Jersey. Just one little
announcement before I share the word of God with you this evening. This morning as I was waiting
before the Lord, a thought came into my heart and uh...I had no time to communicate that to Pastor Lu
before he made the announcement. Please don't go and pay $10 to buy the CDs of these meetings.
Because I'm going to give it free to everybody who attends this meeting. I believe with all my heart,
this is a very, very important and serious message, so therefore, after we tape all these two days
meetings, I'm going to mail this out for free to everyone on our mailing list. So if I do that for
everybody else, how can I charge you money? Right? So, I do not know whether the CDs will be
ready by the time you leave this auditorium. Will they be ready? No. Then what are we going to do?
(someone speaking: We have the addresses) Ah, of everybody who attended? (someone speaking: No,
not from everybody) Ok, if you would like last night's message and tonight's message, please give your
names at the book table and we will mail one to you free of charge. Only three persons said thank you.
(clapping) By your claps, I can know one thing. You're so glad that you saved $10 (laughs). You are
wonderful saints, you know.
I did this once in 2008, before the presidential elections that year. The Lord gave me a message
for the United States of America – what was going to happen when President Obama was elected, and
what the nation would go through, and I did the same thing. The message that I preached in Chicago,
we made it into a CD and I sent to everybody without any charge of money to everybody on our
mailing list who lives in the US. Because I felt in my heart it was a very important message that
everybody – every American – should hear. Before was already too late by the time
you cast your vote, but to know what is in store and what you should do to either prevent yourself or
pray for the presidency and pray for the nation. So likewise, the message that the Lord gave me last
night and tonight, I felt in my heart it is a very, very important message and you are also free to
duplicate it and give to as many people as you want. But all this must be done before October 8. This
message will be useless after October 8. That is why I felt the urgency in my spirit that I must do it
Let me just recap a little bit what I shared last night concerning this new season that's going to
begin. It is a new season that every church, every believer, every minister will enter into. Personally in
my own life, the Lord had told me that I'm going to enter into the new season. Personally, for me and
for our ministry. And that is why the Lord gave me the dates to conduct a very special prophetic
conference from October 7th to the 10th. When I go to conduct meetings that I'm invited by other
people, although we called our conferences “The Voice of Trumpet”, prophetic festivals, but when the
Lord gives me a special mandate to conduct a special prophetic conferences, then He gives us specific
dates, like last year. Very specifically, the Lord gave us the date October 8th and 9th. Sometimes He
gives us dates like that. Like the previous year, 2009. Very specifically He told me July 20 – 21. That
was the very first prophetic conference we conducted live from our studio. And whenever the Lord
gives us those kind of specific dates, those dates are very, very important from the heaven's perspective.
And it is very important for us to be gathered together in that place. Just like the Jewish festivals, or
rather, we should not call them Jewish festivals, we should call them divine festivals. That's a better
word, you know. Everybody agrees? Divine festivals. And they all were given dates. The Lord did
not just say, ok, have a festival. Whatever you choose, whenever you like, just celebrate. He didn't say
like that, you know. He gave them specific dates. In the first month of Tishri. On the 15th day of
Tishri. On the 15th day, on the 14th day of the month of Nissan, you shall celebrate the Passover. Why
be so specific dates? They are very, very important.
Just about before I came to the US, in the month of July, I was fasting and praying for one
week. It was during those days that as I was seeking the Lord that the Lord spoke to me about this new
season that the church is going to enter into. And I know beyond all shadow of doubt, that when the
new season begins after Yom Kippur on October 8th, 2011, a new page has been opened in heaven. For
individuals, for churches, for ministers, for ministries, and you'll enter into the new season. Now
before we can enter into the new season, it is not something automatic for everybody. You cannot
think, alright, God has declared we are going to enter into a new season no matter what you do or don't
do, will automatically enter in. It's not like that. A season begins, whether you are prepared or
unprepared, the season begins but you must contend for your promises to enter in. If you don't contend
for your promises, you won't enter. You'll be left out. Like for example, look at the parable of the ten
virgins that the Lord Jesus said. All the ten virgins were waiting for the bridegroom. Every one of
them are potentially invited to enter into the marriage supper. Every one. They have the potentiality.
The bridegroom did not prevent the foolish virgins from entering into the marriage supper simply
because they are foolish. He did not. The door was wide open for all the ten virgins. But because the
foolish virgins did not prepare themselves, they did not contend for their promises, they could not enter
in. Though they were potentially welcome to enter in. You follow? That parable is so clear. Everyone
is potentially welcome to enter in, but there is a window of opportunity, a window of time that God
keeps open. And that parable is an excellent example. In the middle of the night, the trumpet sounded,
the bridegroom came, all the ten virgins got up. It's not that the foolish virgins were sleeping, you
know? Even they got up. But they realized because the oil had finished in the lamp, they were now
groping in darkness. But when the wise virgins lighted up their lamps with fresh oil, with that
brightness they could see where they were. But they didn't have oil in their lamps. Their lamps must
be lighted in order to go and meet the bridegroom. It seems that may be an unwritten law that without
the lamp, they cannot go to meet the bridegroom. That is why, perhaps, the reason why they went to
ask the wise virgin, give us some oil. We need oil in our lamps so that our lamps can be burning when
we go to meet the bridegroom. We cannot go groping in darkness to meet the bridegroom. Those wise
virgins, they said, no, the oil that we have is just enough for us. We can't take care of you. You must
take care of yourself.
Philippians chapter 2, verse 12 says, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” It
does not say, try to help someone else to work out their salvation. It does not say like that. It says
work out your own salvation. It is each individual person's responsibility. Likewise, Galatians 2:20, if
you read, it says “I am crucified with Christ.” It does not say, take a hammer and nail and help
somebody else and crucify them. It doesn't say that, right? It says, I am crucified. Each individual's
responsibility. Every individual has a responsibility. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and has
potentially saved everyone. Every person on this planet is potentially welcome into the kingdom of
God, but each individual must open his mouth and confess Christ, right? The potential is there for six
billion people to enter into heaven. But unless and until you embrace it, you will not enter into the
kingdom of heaven. Likewise, this new season is declared open...will be declared open. But you must
seek God like never before in your life. Every individual, every church, every minister must seek God
like you have never sought Him before. The Lord has personally told me, a new season is going to be
opened, and a new dispensation the church will enter into. And therefore He told us to conduct this
special prophetic conference from October 7th to 10th. It will not just be an evening conference. It
will be a full day conference, with morning meetings, afternoon meetings, and evening meetings. And
we have special prophetic speakers whom the Lord has shown me whom to invite. And they will speak
in the conference. So don't miss it for anything else in this world (the conference can be seen at You know, those postcards that I distributed last night, you can take it at our
book table to distribute to many of your friends and relatives and introduce them to watch this
prophetic conference. Because when the time comes nearer, we will send out a mailer to everybody
announcing the exact time and the dates of the conference and who the speakers are going to be.
When the new year begins – the divine new year, not the Gregorian new year – the divine new
year on Rosh Hashanah, which happens to fall on September 28th of 2011; the new year begins on
September 28th, from God's calendar. When that day opens, the decrees are made for every individual,
based on the last year. How you were on the last year, good things or bad things are all written in your
book. How can God write bad things, you may ask. God doesn't write any bad things, you know? But
it is your old baggage that carries on. Your unconfessed sins, or your unkept vows, they continue.
Now when you make a vow, don't say, O Lord, I'm so sorry, unknowingly I say it. Many people are
good at that, you know. The Bible says very clearly in the book of Ecclesiastes, that when you make a
vow, when a word comes out of your mouth, an angel of the Lord stands beside you and records that
vow that you make. It is written and you cannot say, it slipped out of my mouth. If it slips out, you
better keep it. Many people have become like that, are guilty of the vows that you make, and then you
don't keep them.
There lived a wonderful servant of God in South India who has gone home to be with the Lord
three years ago. Many, many years ago he went to a city in India called Mumbai, the old name is
Bombay. So there lived a very precious friend of his, and he stayed with him. So the friend asked him
a question. He said, “You know, you always see God face to face. The next time you see the Lord
Jesus face to face, please ask Him what He thinks about me.” Never, ever go and tell...ask a prophet
like that, you know? That's a very, very dangerous question. So this dear brother who's a very, very
close friend of his said, “Alright. When I meet the Lord I will ask Him that question.” So one day
when he was waiting on the Lord, he saw the Lord Jesus and he asked the Lord Jesus, “Lord, what do
you think about my friend?” And the Lord looked at him and He said, “Tell your friend, when he first
came to this city, he had nothing in his pocket. And he knelt down before Me and he said, 'Lord, if you
bless my business, the tenth of all my profits I will give to You.' He made a vow. And I prospered him,
and I blessed him, and his business began to grow. When he made his first 1,000, he very happily gave
a 100. When he made his first 10,000, he very happily gave 1,000. When he made his first 100,000, he
very happily gave 10,000. When he made his first million, he was very unwilling to give 100,000. He
said like this, 'Lord, You have all the gold, You have all the silver. Why would you need my money? I
have all these expenses, Lord. Let me just give You 20,000. I'm sure you don't mind. I have all these
other expenses, Lord.' And subsequently that became his pattern. But yet his business prospered.
Because God is a covenant keeping God. His business prospered. So he stopped giving his tithes.” So
the Lord told him, “Tell your friend, he is a robber.” Don't laugh. Why are you laughing? This is not a
joke, you know. The Bible says very clearly in Malachi chapter 3, verse 10 to 12, when you withhold
your tithes, you are a robber. You are a thief.
Several years ago, I was speaking in a church in Taiwan. The last day of the was a
small church, just about the size of this center section. 300 people jam-packed in that small church
because they heard that I was coming to town. And on the final day of the meeting...see the last few
sections of the church they put some rows of chairs for some people to sit, maybe some (indiscernible),
and the church was so jam-packed I was standing virtually right next to the wall. My back will touch
the wall, and people were sitting all around the floor, crouching around me. And during the prayer
time, while I was praying, the Lord was giving me many words of knowledge concerning many people,
and then He pointed His finger at one particular man. He said, “Tell that man, he is a robber.” And I
clearly saw which man the Lord pointed His finger at. I said, “Lord, he looks so decent looking. So
well-to-do man. How can I just simply point my finger and tell him you are a robber?” He looks like,
you know he was so decent looking, well-mannered, very...not very handsome, quite well to do. But he
had a demeanor in him that he belongs to the aristocratic line of a family. Very well-to-do family, you
know? And the Lord told me, “Tell him, he's a robber because he has taken all my tithes and my
offerings.” Quite similar to the story I told you earlier about making a vow, and then not keeping the
vow, and then breaking the vow. And normally I try to be very diplomatic, you know I don't want to
embarrass anybody, so I said, “There is a man sitting here and you are a robber. The Lord wants you to
kneel down right now and repent.” And that man opened his eyes and turned to the left and turned to
the right to see who is the robber. And now you can laugh because it was really funny, you know?
(laughs) I have someone who enjoys my stories. Anyway, I literally, continuously saw the Lord
standing beside me, saying, “Tell him, he must repent tonight.” So again, I said, “Brother, don't turn to
the left, don't turn to the right.” I thought I'd be more accurate so that he will know who he is. I said,
“Don't turn to the left, don't turn to the right. You are that person.” And again, he was looking now
straight up at me. Just sitting with his hands folded, very, very like an upbeat person, you know, sitting
in the chair, never moved an inch. The Lord told me, “Now, you tell him, if he doesn't stand up, you're
going to tell him what his name is, from which city he was born, where he came from, you're going to
give all the details so that everybody will know who he is.” So I told him, “If you don't stand up right
now, I'm going to walk straight up to you because I know who you are, and point my finger at you and
tell all your names and all your details.” With that, that man knelt down. And he cried and he repented
before the Lord. Wait, the story's not over yet. After the meeting, he came up to me for prayer. And he
said, he admitted very honestly, “I am that man whom you pointed out, and I have truly robbed the
Lord to the tune of one million Taiwan dollars.” That's a lot of money, you know? One million Taiwan
dollars. He has withheld giving his tithes to the Lord. Yet he was prospering in his business. So he
knelt down and he said, “Please bless me that the curse of the Lord won't be upon me.” I said, “I can't
pray for you until you've put right that which you have stolen from the Lord.” He said, “I will certainly
do it, please bless me.” “Even if I bless you now, the Lord will not hear my prayer, because you are
still a sinner. You go and put your life right. Then come, I will bless you.” And even the pastor of the
church came and begged me, saying, “Please bless him. He is so scared of you now.” I said, “I as a
person can be compassionate, but my prayer goes to the Lord in whose eyes he is a robber. So how
will that Lord God, who finds this man a robber, hear my prayer?” And he told me, it was about ten
o'clock in the night that evening, saying “How in the world am I going to withdrawal one million
Taiwan dollars from the bank and go and give it away before I can get your blessing?” I was leaving at
ten in the morning. Actually, I said, “I don't know how you are going to do it.” Anyway, I don't know
what he did but the following day, at nine o'clock in the morning, he came with the pastor and he said,
“I have paid my vow.”
You know, when you make a vow, the angels record it, and they are alive before the presence of
God. So you must check your heart and see what are the vows that you have made which are unkept,
either concerning you, your ministry, or your children. Make sure you keep your vows. So, from Rosh
Hashanah, the decrees are written there. If you read Daniel chapter 10...please turn your Bibles with
me to the book of Daniel. In chapter 4, Nebuchadnezzar dreams a dream. In that dream he sees, in
verse 13, “I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and behold a watcher and a holy one came
down from heaven.” And they are speaking something concerning Nebuchadnezzar's life. Now look at
verse 17. Who are the watchers? “This matter is by the decree of the watchers and the demand by the
word of the Holy ones, to the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom
of heaven and giveth it to whomsoever He will and setteth up over it the bases of man.” Look at the
first phrase: this matter is by the decree of the watchers. It is the decrees that are passed in heaven, on
the day of Rosh Hashanah, the new year in the divine calendar. All your paths are weighed and a
decree is passed against you. Ok, this person, in the following year, this is how I am going to bless
him. This is how his life is going to be. These are the gifts that I am going to give to him. All the
good things that God wants to bless you. Wants to prosper you. The gifts that He wants to give you,
the spiritual gifts. For your spiritual life, as well as for your natural life. And blessings for the family,
all are written there. Plus, those unconfessed sins that remains there or hurtful words that you have
spoken, or anger, unforgiveness, bitterness that you keep in your heart against someone. They are also
kept there.
You know, in 1986, I went to a place in India to preach the gospel. One Sunday, after the
service, the pastor's wife, she has a great passion for gardening. So after lunch, she took me to her
garden. She said, “Come, Sadhuji. I want to show you all the flowers and the plants that I have in my
greenhouse.” So she went and showed me all the beautiful, multicolored flowers and she even gave
names for all the flowers. Ria, Rita, Martha, Luke, John, Matthew, everybody you know. How she was
able to differentiate male and female I don't know. Anyway, while we were talking one of her church
members, the treasurer, came by to speak something to this pastor's wife. And they spoke, and she left.
As soon as she was far away, this pastor's wife told me, “You know, Sadhuji, this woman is a very, very
bad woman.” She went on telling me all rotten things about this woman. She said, “She has hurt me
and the pastor very much. She has done us so much of harm.” The way the pastor's wife spoke all this,
it was like a very fresh wound in her heart. So I asked the pastor's wife, “Now when did all this
happen?” You know when something is fresh it means all this just happened, right? So she counted on
her finger, one...two...three...four...five so I thought five days ago. And then she said, “13 years ago.” I
thought, O my God, something that happened 13 years ago, she remembers them so fresh as if it
happened two days ago. 13 years ago, you know, I'm not exaggerating.
Unforgiveness you're keeping in your heart. The words that you speak to hurt others, or the
words that you speak to defame others. Against a man of God, against a pastor. Against a church.
Whatever words that you speak, they are all recorded and will carry forward to the new year. These
decrees are made on Rosh Hashanah. From Rosh Hashanah, ten days later comes Yom Kippur, and
Yom Kippur for 2011 happens to fall on October the 8th. On Yom Kippur day, the final
justice...judgment is passed. You know when the judge will take the hammer in his hand and say, “It is
done!” Once he beats down his hammer, the judgments are sealed. However, from the first day of
Rosh Hashanah, to the day of Yom Kippur, the first day and then the 10th day, in between there are eight
days. During the eight days, it is a culture, a very common thing known in Jewish culture, are the days
to make appeal. Which means, you search your heart during those intervening days. You search your
heart to see if there remains any unconfessed sins. You search your heart to see if there remains any
things that you still have not carried out that which the Lord has asked you to do. Only you know what
God has put in your heart to do. You don't need a prophet to come and tell you, you know? You don't
need all that. Your conscience itself is a good witness. Everybody agrees? You don't need a prophet in
town or out of town to come and say, “Sister, I see this in you.” Why? You can see yourself.
So those eight days are the days of serious searching of the hearts, and during these days are the
days where you need to seek the Lord like you have never done before. And I promise you one thing
right now before I begin my message. The new season that we are going to enter into is unlike
anything you have ever seen in your life at all. It will be something wonderful, something great, that
not only you have never seen in your life before – the world has never seen yet. The amount of glory
that God is going to manifest in the church, the world has never seen anything like it yet. The amount
of power that God will display through every one of His servants of God, through every one of His
women of God is something that the world has never seen yet from the days of creation til now. When
the Lord first spoke that to me, I was astounded, you know? From creation til now, it means that
whatever great, mighty works the prophet Moses performed are nothing compared to what you are
going to do by the power of the Holy Spirit.
You know, the days of the superhero / superstar preachers are fading away. This I tell you from
the word of God. Those days are over now. The single, superhero preachers that you see in the world
today – their days are fading and in place, the body of Christ will rise up. The little children, the young
people, the senior citizens, the ministers of God, the nobodies – they will rise up and God will pour out
His latter days glory upon the entire body of Christ. Where every single person, every single believer
will become a mighty, miracle-working prophetic minister. Even your little ones will prophesy, your
little ones will see visions, your young people will see visions and they will prophesy. The old men and
the old women will dream dreams. I used to wonder why the old people don't see visions but they
dream dreams. I used to wonder that, you know. Why the word of God very specifically says the old
people will dream dreams. Then I found out the reason why. Old people sleep longer. They get tired
so easily, you know? Isn't it? They get so tired so easily and they always take longer rests. So how is
God going to speak to them? When they are sleeping. (laughs) Now you see, whether you are old or
young, everybody has a work to do in the last outpouring of the glory of God. No one will be left out.
Everybody will be a superhero, will be a superstar in the eyes of God. Amen.
That is the last day move. That is the Joel's army that's going to rise up. If you read Joel
chapter 2, verses 28 and 29, and Acts chapter 2, verse 17 and verse 18, it says, “On the last days God
will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.” This was not fulfilled on the day of Pentecost because on the
day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon only 120 Jews who were waiting for the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit. Whereas, the scripture in Joel says, “I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.” What does
all flesh mean? All flesh, isn't it? It means the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Jews, the
Chinese, the Whites, the Blacks, all flesh. Everybody agrees? All flesh. Whereas, on the day of
Pentecost, the Holy Spirit only came upon 120 people that alone are only the Jews. Then if you read
Joel again it says, when the Holy Spirit comes, they will see visions, they will prophesy. But if you
look at the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came they all spoke in unknown tongues. See, there
is a big difference between what happened on the day of Pentecost and what will happen when the
Joel's outpouring comes.
What is prophesied in the book of Joel is going to happen in these last days. When it is poured
out, every age group person that is mentioned in that scripture will become a prophetic person. This is
that promise. Whether you know the scriptures very well or you don't know the scriptures very well, it
doesn't matter. When the outpouring comes upon you, your spiritual eyes will be opened. You will see
visions, you will see the Lord Jesus standing beside you, you will see the angels of God in your church.
And they will bring messages for you, and you will read the scrolls that they open up to you and then
you will declare the oracles of God. This is what's going to happen in the days to come. You are not
going to hear just the pastor, the prophet or the apostle or evangelist, the teacher who says, “I saw the
Lord” or “I saw an angel.” Not only they, but every common person will say, “We saw the Lord.”
“When I was praying this morning, an angel came to me.” It will become a very common occurrence.
This is how the church will become so powerful before the rapture takes place. Those gifts will all be
restored to the church. It's like a woman being adorned with jewelry before her marriage day. You
know, if you read Ezekiel chapter 16, there you'll find where the bridegroom puts on jewelry on the
bride. Earrings, nose rings, bangles, and a gold chain like a belt around her waist, and the thing that's
on her forehead. Oh, she's so beautifully adorned. Now what are all they? They are all various
symbols of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Every one of them symbolizes the nine gifts and the seven
Spirits of the Lord. If you read Isaiah chapter 11, verse 2, it talks about the Seven Spirits of the Lord.
The Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of revelation, the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of
might, the Spirit of knowledge, and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord – the Seven Spirits of the Lord,
that will be poured out upon the church, upon every single believer and he'll walk in a glory that the
world has never seen before.
Now before that day comes, we need to meet one day called the Day of Atonement, or the Yom
Kippur. Please turn your Bibles with me to Leviticus chapter 16, verses 29 to 34. Actually, if you read
the entire chapter 16, it gives us detailed instructions concerning the Yom Kippur or the Day of
Atonement. But let us read just from verses 29 to 34. “And this shall be a statute forever unto you:
that in the seventh month on the tenth day of the month you shall afflict your souls.” Now the Old
Testament word for “afflict of the souls” is fasting and praying. “And do no work at all, whether it be
one of your own country, or a stranger that sojourneth among you: for on that day shall the priest make
an atonement for you, to cleanse you, that you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord. It shall
be a sabbath of rest unto you, and you shall afflict your souls, by a statute forever. And the priest,
whom he shall anoint, and whom he shall consecrate to minister in the priest's office in his father's
stead, shall make the atonement, and shall put on the linen clothes, even the holy garments: And he
shall make an atonement for the holy sanctuary, and he shall make an atonement for the tabernacle of
the congregation, and for the altar, and he shall make an atonement for the priests, and for all the
people of the congregation. And this shall be an everlasting statute unto you, to make an atonement for
the children of Israel for all their sins once a year. And he did as the Lord commanded Moses.”
For a fuller understanding of the Day of Atonement, you can read the entire chapter of Leviticus
chapter 16 and chapter 23, verses 27 to 32. Now this gives us a very detailed instruction concerning
the Day of Atonement. Please kindly do not confuse this with the finished work of the Lord Jesus
Christ on the cross. What the Lord Jesus Christ did for us is to save us from eternal damnation, that is,
eternally be separated from God. That is different from this. Let's not get too confused. I believe with
all my heart that when the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, when he said, “It is finished” that the
first original sin of Adam was forever atoned, that whosoever believes on the Lord Jesus and confesses
Him is set free from the original sin of Adam. I believe that with all my heart, but this is not talking
about the original sin, it is talking about the day to day sins that we do. Let me ask you one question, if
you are still in doubt. From the day that you got saved till today, is any person here living a sin free
life? You have never sinned? Never sinned at all? You have never said one bad word, you have no
hurts in your heart, never spoke one single word against anybody, you live a sin free life, anybody?
Really? Sincerely? Even I'm not raising up my hand, I'm just raising it up to show, ask you, you know.
I'm not raising up to say I live like that, no. You stumble with your words, right? That is a sin. See
when you speak one unkind word, you hurt someone. That is a sin. So even I cannot claim that I am
sin free. But the everyday sins that we do, we come to the Lord Jesus every day, don't we? That's what
the Bible says in 1 John chapter 2 verse 1. If anyone who has sinned has come before the Lord Jesus
who is the appropriation for our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive all our sins. This is what we are
talking about today.
Now what is this Jewish tradition of the Yom Kippur? It's on that day that God places a seal
upon the divine decrees affecting each person for the coming new year. On that day the seal is put
forever on all the decrees that are determined on the divine new year. Decisions of life and death,
peace and prosperity are decided and sealed on that day. The Book of Life with all these details are
closed on that day. You know, every one of you have a book written about you kept in heaven. The
day that you were born, a book was opened. Jessica Dong will be born in China. No, you were not
born in China. Born in China, but on this particular day, the family will move to the US. She'll settle
down in New Jersey, marry a handsome man but he will be wearing spectacles. Very handsome man
and his name will be Tony. All these are written, don't laugh, I'm being serious, you know. All these
are written. Nothing...except for sins – when you go astray from the will of God. Good things that
happen in your life are all written there in the book. And she will become very close to Jesus
Ministries and she will organize meetings for Jesus Ministries. All written there. You know, like I
shared yesterday, I first came to New York / this region in 1997. So many Chinese saints came to my
meetings. I have prayed for literally hundreds of Chinese believers. So many people get blessed in this
last 14 years. Out of all these people, why this one particular young lady who loves me like a father
and has been so attached to our ministry, that organizes all our meetings very faithfully? Because it is
written in the book. That's the will of the Lord. Written there out of all these people, this one particular
person. You should do all this work.
So that book is kept there in heaven. When you pray to seek God's will, when you hear
something about God's will, let's say even if a prophecy comes to you through a pastor, through a
preacher or a visiting speaker, they say O, the Lord will bless you like this blah blah blah. Whatever
they say are all those things that are written in that book. They come and are given to you. If you read
Psalms chapter 40, the Lord Jesus said, “Lo, I come to do Your will, for it is written of Me in that
book.” There is a book for the Lord Jesus also. So all those things that the Lord Jesus did were the
things that were written of Him in that book, so that is why He spent so many hours every day praying
to see what is God's will written in that book and He did according to that. That is why He never failed
in what He did. Why are we failing in what we do? The reason is because we don't take time to wait
on God. We use our finite mind to make decisions and we end up making blunders, making wrong
choices, marrying the wrong person, ending up in the wrong place, ending up in a ditch. But if you
take the time before you make any decision to wait on the Lord, and ask Him. You know, why rush?
Why rush? Two or three days calmly waiting on God for His will to know His will won't cost you
anything, isn't it? It won't cost you anything. Rather, it will cost you many buckets of tears. Why shed
tears weeping for a wrong decision you made in your life?
Based on the previous years of an individual's life, good or bad, decrees or blessings or
retributions are made on Rosh Hashanah, on the divine new year, concerning an individual for the
coming new year. Yom Kippur is on the tenth day. An individual has eight days in between – eight
days – to make amends, repent so that divine mercy can be entreated. That's the purpose. You know,
among all the festivals that God gave to the Jewish people, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the
most holiest days in the life of every Jewish person. In fact, on Yom Kippur the whole of Israel comes
to a standstill. No planes fly out, no businesses are open, you cannot even go out into the street to buy
anything. All are closed. Everybody is expected to be either in the synagogue or at home, praying. Or
at least searching your heart. Very, very solemn day. They call it the high, holy day or holy festival. It
is the last chance to make appeals, to change the judgment that was made. You demonstrate your
repentance. You must demonstrate it. You know, when a judge passes a sentence on a person, a
convict, he gives him a time to make appeals. There's a small window. The time is not forever,
whenever you feel like making an appeal you make an appeal. No, a certain time is given there.
During that time you must file your appeal. If you fail to file an appeal during that window of time,
you can never file an appeal again, for that period. Likewise we have a period.
The Bible describes the Day of Atonement as a day to afflict the souls. Now what does that
mean? It means, fasting. When they afflict their souls it means they don't eat anything, they sit in
sackcloth, they sit in ashes. They bathe, they wash themselves and husbands and wives separate
themselves even from sexual union during those periods. They are seeking God. If you read in Exodus
chapter 19, God told Moses, I'm going to come down for all the eyes of Israel to see. Be clean for three
days. And Moses then calls the whole of Israel together and he tells them, God is going to come down.
Wash yourselves, keep yourselves clean. Husbands and wives be separate for three days. Keeping
yourselves clean. Affliction of the soul. Humbling yourselves through fasting and through prayer.
Now how can you fast is something only you can determine for your own selves. Whether you fast or
you don't fast, what is most important is, humbling your heart, humbling your soul before God. You
know, it doesn't matter, it doesn't profit if you fast for ten days but you still maintain a proud and
arrogant attitude. It won't profit you. But if you can't fast, you can't do it because you are working, but
if you humble your souls and you sincerely seek the face of God, even for one hour a day. You spend
that quality hour seeking the face of God. That will be accounted to you as afflicting your souls. At the
end of the day, God sees the intention of your heart. In the midst of your busy working schedule, you
can't take ten days off. That's ok. But you determine in your heart that you want to seek His face.
Before you go to work, you sleep one hour lesser in the morning and then you spend another hour in
the night, seeking the face of God. You put away all your lunch hour and you find some quiet place, go
to one quiet corner; you fast and you seek the face of God. I tell my staff that, you know. Sometimes
some of them are fasting, they don't eat and then I ask them, “What are you doing? Why aren't you
having your lunch?” They say, “We are fasting.” So I tell them, “What good is your fast if you don't
pray? You better go to one corner and pray. Then your fast will be fruitful.” But they say, “Oh, but we
have work to do.” So I told them, “Is your boss so cruel that he will mind you going away for an hour
to pray?” They smile, “No, our boss is a very kind man.” “If your boss is a very kind man, then go,
don't let me see your face now. Go to some corner, read your Bible, open your heart and you seek God.
For whatever purpose that you are fasting for.” If you don't pray when you fast, that is called dieting.
Isn't it? The people of the world they diet, isn't it? They don't pray. They also put away food, but they
don't call it fasting, they call it dieting because they are very fat. I'm sorry for using that word, no?
They are heavy. When you fast, you must pray. Then your fasting will be fruitful. It will yield the
results for which you are afflicting your soul to seek God's face.
Now, let's look at not just the Day of Atonement, or the Yom Kippur, but the spirit of it. Why
God initiated it? What is the spirit of it, or the equivalence? On that day, the spirit of it is in four
manner. Firstly, you accept responsibility for your actions. You humble yourself to accept
responsibility. You're not passing the buck saying, “Lord, because of the woman that You made, I ate
the fruit.” And when God turned to Eve, she said, “Because of the serpent You made, I ate the fruit.”
Neither Adam or Eve humbled themselves to say, “Lord, we disobeyed You.” They did not have that
humility. They were pointing the finger. That person, Lord. This person, Lord. Oh, they made me sin,
Lord. If my pastor was a nice, prayerful man, why would I speak bad about him? Don't blame your
pastor. If you carry tales, don't blame the person who brought the first tale to you. Oh Lord, it's that
person. You have a duty to shut the mouth of anyone who carries tales.
You know, when I hire staff in my organization, I conduct the last interview. I tell them, there
are people working in this organization from various churches. Whether your pastor is good, bad, or
ugly, don't talk anything bad in this organization. If you talk bad about any minister, I will kick you out
immediately. They have to agree to this condition before they sign on the dotted paper that they are
employed. And even when visiting ministers come to see me, sometimes you know they all have their
pastime to carry tales. But they camouflage by saying, “I'd like to share something with you.” You
know, when the people in the world gossip we call them gossiping, but when Christians gossip it's
called sharing. Isn't it? Whether you share or you gossip, it's still gossip. I've always told many
ministers, get out of my room for gossiping about other ministers. First I tell them very calm, nicely,
“Please, don't talk about others. If you have something against that minister, go and tell him directly.
Don't come and share with me so that we can pray together.” That is a lie, nonsense. You don't share
to kneel down to pray. Those who kneel down to pray never gossip in the first place, because they'll
have that burden to pray for a brother who is found in a mistake. But it's those gossipers who don't
pray, because they like to gossip. And after the second time, if the minister continues, I've told them,
“Please, get out.” I've told many ministers like that: “Get out, right now. I don't want you before my
presence. Because what you are speaking is sin in the eyes of the Lord. I will not allow that in my
presence. Please leave.” And I have dismissed several staffs for gossiping. After the first warning,
after the second warning, they still continue to gossip. I've dismissed them. It doesn't matter to me
whether they are the most talented people or not. We have to keep our house clean.
You don't allow sin in your camp. Why the presence of the Lord is not in our churches is
because of these kind of sins in the camp. Sin in your house. Sin in the church. Sin in your ministry.
Most of the common sins are the words of your mouth. Be careful of what you speak. It will judge
you. And the very words not only judges you, but it will bring retribution on your own head, that
which you speak. You know that pastor's wife that I told you about with unforgiveness? Her husband
somehow make a very long story short, he began to accuse me of immorality. You know, I had a
secretary. A high school student who works part time, and this young girl is a member of his church.
And it was he who introduced this young lady to work for me on a part-time basis. Three times a
week, just for two or three hours a day, because she was attending high school. And one day this girl
stopped coming to work. And all our works are piling up. I couldn't read Nepali language, so I had to
depend on her to translate all the prayer requests to me so that I can take it up before God in prayer.
And when she didn't turn up to office, all the letters were piling up. So I had to wait for somebody else
to come and help me to translate. So I sent another one of my associates to find out why this girl is no
more coming. And she wouldn't give any real reasons. Later on she told me, “Oh, the pastor said that I
should watch out for you, that you are a very dangerous person. That you will...when you pretend to
call me into your office, and when I'm all alone you will rape me.” Oh yes. I'm not exaggerating
anything, scout's truth. And the poor girl, you know, she's only 17 or 18. He frightened her so much;
said be careful about all these sadhus. They are celibates and they will rape you, and then they will
ditch you and they will go away, and what will happen to your poor life. And the pastor said all these
kind of words, and that was the reason she didn't show up at work. I was very, very hurt, because the
pastor knows the kind of life that I live. I did not know why he said those words. I was very, very hurt
and I cried before God on my face. I said, “Lord, I do not know why the pastor spoke like that.” But
the words came out of his mouth. Three years later, the pastor's youngest son eloped with that girl who
worked for me and she became pregnant out of wedlock and bore a son. The very words that he spoke
against me, were the very sins that came upon his own head and upon his own family.
Be careful of what you speak, what you say. The words that come out of your mouth will not
return back to you empty. It will perform the works, that which you proclaim: good, bad, or ugly. If
you keep on saying your children will amount to no good, they will certainly amount to no good,
because you are speaking those words. You know, your words have creative power. Don't think you
are just jesting. Don't think you are simply sitting down talking. Jokes, be careful. The Lord Jesus
Himself said very clearly, “Every idle word that a man shall speak, he shall give an account of it on the
day of judgment.” Be careful. That's why He said, “Let your yes be yes, let your no be no.” Nothing
more, nothing less. Keep your words small on this earth. When you keep it small, there won't be sin.
When you talk too much, there is sin. You know, for the three questions that the devil through the
serpent asked Eve, did God tell you that you should not eat any of the fruit? Yes full stop. If she had
just said yes, the devil would not know what to ask next. But you know, our friend Eve. Such a
wonderful lady. She went on speaking more than necessary. I made a study, you know, of the words.
For eight words that the devil spoke, Eve spoke 44 words. For the three questions that he asked her,
Eve always answered him three times, four times more than what the devil spoke. If her answers were
just yes, no then it would have trapped the devil from eventually beguiling her or trapping her to fall.
In the very mouth was sin. So guard your mouth. Especially ministers of God: guard your mouth.
Not all ministers are perfect. We all have our shortcomings, but your pastor is the best man that
God has given to you. Amen? Whether he's good, bad or ugly, with all his shortcomings, they try so
hard to serve the congregation. You know, you won't know the difficulties that a pastor goes through.
They may seem very smartly dressed, standing in the pulpit but the pains they carry in their heart, the
burdens on their mind for the congregation. I know many godly ministers, many godly pastors who
pray whole nights before they stand on the pulpit on a Sunday. They wait on God to get a message
from Him, and then they come and speak. And I know many pastors who pray day and night for the
welfare of their congregations. Of course, there are hireling pastors, you know, who fleece their
members. Just don't look at the small, hireling pastors and brand every minister as a fraud. No. For
every one rotten apple there are ten good apples, isn't it? Recently we bought one equipment for our
ministry, and the equipment that came to our studio was faulty. I was very upset. So I called the
company and I told them, “How can you send me a faulty equipment?” They said, “Sir, we are so
sorry. One in 100 is faulty. And you are so blessed that you got that 100th piece.” (laughs) I told
them, “This is not a good blessing.” And they immediately replaced the faulty equipment. So you see,
one in 100 is a rotten person. But there are 99 good ministers of God. Amen. Likewise, the
congregation. The ministers must not think all the congregants are devils, and they are a thorn in their
flesh. You'll have good believers, bad believers, ugly believers. But they are always again the same
ratio. For one rotten believer, there are 99 gems-like believers, who sincerely pray for their pastors,
who sincerely stand shoulder to shoulder with their pastors. There are so many wonderful things. So
what is important is, guard your mouth, amen?
So first is accepting responsibility for our actions. Secondly, individual repentance regarding
unfulfilled vows between an individual and God so that it is not held against you in the new year.
Check your heart and see, your individual heart. Any vows that you made that are not kept. Check it.
Any promises that you made that were not kept. You know, one man once came to see me and we need
to buy a vehicle for our television ministry. It's called an Outside Broadcast Van. And that costs us, in
Indian rupees, two crores. Two crores will be about 300,000 US dollars. So, we are raising funds for
that. So I made a poster of how the van will look like and the amount that we need, and we put a
caption there: please pray for it. So this poster is pasted on the walls of our studio. So a couple came
to see me. A businessman whose business was failing and he sought my prayers, I prayed for him and
his business began to bloom and grow until, now, he became like a big millionaire. So he came to see
me to invite me to his daughter's wedding. So he was waiting while I met with another pastor. While
he was waiting, he saw that poster and he told his wife, you know, we have to give to this work five
lakhs. Five lakhs is much will that be? (asks a question in the Tamil language) 10,000
dollars? Ok. Five lakhs Indian rupees is about 10,000 US dollars. So he purposed in his heart and
then when he came up to me he said, “Oh, when I sat there in your lobby, I felt in my heart that the
Lord moved me that I should give these 10,000 US dollars towards the purchase of this van.” I said,
“Thank you very much.” He said, “When I go back home, I'll send you the money.” I didn't say
anything, you know. I didn't open my mouth and say, brother, can you consider sowing into this. I
never said anything. It was he who opened his mouth with his wife as his witness and with God as his
witness. But two years have passed by, and he has never kept his vow. And I have never reminded
him. I don't do that. In our ministry we don't do that. If you make a vow, you make a pledge that you
want to give to our ministry, I will not send you a reminder letter saying, hey, by the way, it's overdue.
(laughs) I don't do that. I believe the vow that you make is between you and God. I'm not like those
loan companies, you know, who come chasing after you. No. This is a vow that you make between
you and God. If you fail to keep your vow, it's between you and God. Doesn't concern me. Be careful
what vows you make. If you make a vow, keep it. There is a saying in the Indian language, you know,
that when you make your vow, even if you need to cut your head and pawn it, you must keep your
word. That's an Indian saying, and I practice that with all my heart. If I say something, even if I need
to sell myself, which is not worth very much, I will keep my word at all costs. If not, I will zip it. So,
check your heart to see the vows that you have made.
Thirdly, communal sins. Sins against others. Check your heart to see if you have said anything,
done anything to hurt another person. If yes, according to Matthew chapter 5, verse 23 and 24, go to
the concerned person and make things right. Don't just say, “Lord, I have hurt my Brother Lu, so I ask
you to forgive me, amen.” But it still remains between me and Lu, it still remains. Because I have
spoken to hurt him. It must not...not only do you kneel down to confess the sin, but you need to go to
Pastor Lu. Say “Pastor Lu, I'm so sorry, I spoke these words to hurt you.” That must be done. That
restitution must be done. You cannot say, I've done it to the Lord, finished. No, it must be done in
person. That's what the Lord Jesus said. “If you bring an offering to the altar and there you remember
that you have something against your brother, leave your offering there, go to your brother, make
yourself right with your brother, then come and give your offering.” Have you read that? The Lord
Jesus Himself said that, you know. If you don't make yourselves right, your offering will be rejected.
Your offering will never be accepted. I've turned away many people's offerings like that. When I
received the offering the Lord said, “This is rejected, this is cursed in My eye. Send back that check.”
I've done that. Because when you send an offering to our ministry, you're not just sending to a man,
you're giving it unto God. When you give unto God, your hands must be clean. Your heart must be
clean. Then your offering will be acceptable in the eyes of God. Only then you will receive a prophet's
reward. If not, what good is your offering? It will be just like putting it in an empty basket. All your
good works will fall down that empty basket. So go personally and apologize and make yourself right.
Number four: this day, the Yom Kippur is a day of self-assessment and accountability before
God for choices made in the previous year. You analyze yourself. Good choices you made, bad
choices you made. If you made a bad choice, as a result incurred a bad retribution, you come and you
humble yourselves before God and confess those bad decisions that you have made.
Now after repenting before God and asking forgiveness from wronged individuals, then the next
step is, you come before God to present your case to Him. Turn with me now to Isaiah chapter 41. In
Isaiah chapter 41, you will see a beautiful formula that the Lord gives us how we can approach God
and present our case before Him. Isaiah chapter 41, verse 21: “Produce your cause, saith the Lord.
Bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.” Now flip over to chapter 43 and verse 26.
Those two scriptures go hand in hand. And verse 26 says, “Put Me in remembrance. Let us plead
together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.” Now if you put these two scriptures together, it
says like this. Now you come before God, and you tell Him why He should bless you, why He should
prosper you, why you should not have the retribution come to you for what you have done. You kneel
down, you make all your requests. Plead your case, just like how an attorney will plead his case before
a court of law. You know, they will quote all the rules and the laws. Have you seen dramas like that?
In the same manner, you must remember some of the promises that God made in the scriptures and tell
Him, Lord, You said in Your word. Lord, You said in Your word. You remind God. That's what the
Bible says: “Put Me in remembrance.”
Many years ago, a dear minister friend of mine, his wife was dying. This minister is a very,
very close friend of mine, and they have a small five year old son. Before they got married, I was one
day praying for the pastor, and the Lord showed me how He was going to bless him with a son and how
the boy will grow up and to be a prophet of God. The Lord showed me all about that little boy's future,
even before they planned to have a child. The name of the boy, what his name will be called, how his
future will be, and what the pastor's wife should do even during the nine months of pregnancy, and
when the baby is being weaned, for the first three years of the baby's life, what she must do. Every
detail, specification, the Lord spoke to me. I had an encounter in heaven, where the Lord spoke to me
about the boy's life. So accordingly, the minister's wife began to...eventually she conceived three years
after the word was given to her. And it was eventually proven by medical science that she will bear a
male child and that was one side. Another side is the promises that the Lord gave for the pastor. How
the Lord was going to use the pastor, how his ministry was going to expand into all the five continents
of the world. Many great things. Now this woman is dying. Doctors have said...she was born with a
triple hole in the heart, and she's going to go for surgery and the doctors said there is no chance that you
will live. Two things can happen: you will die on the operating table, or if you survive, you will live
for another three years. That's all. Nothing more can be done. And that surgery is going to cost more
than 50,000 dollars. So the pastor came and asked me, “What shall I do?” So I thought, you know.
For spending 50,000 dollars and that poor woman is only going to live for three more years, why waste
that money. (laughs) I naturally thought like that, you know. And uh, I didn't say that to the pastor. To
a married man, the wife is more important than 50,000. To me, it didn't make any difference, you
know. Anyway, I looked at him. I said, “You decide. If you're going to spend all your hard earned
savings for your wife's surgery and then you're eventually going to lose her too.” Actually, the doctor
gave her six months to three years. Minimum six months. Maximum three years. “You decide”, I told
him, you know.
So finally they decided to go for the surgery, but the wife knew in her heart she will die. So she
made a will unknown to her husband. She made a will, and she even wrote him a letter where all she
had kept her savings unknown to her husband. You know, wives get pocket money, you know? The
poor husbands will bring their hard earned money and give all their salary to their wives. I do not
know about the West, I'm talking about the Indian culture / point of view, you know? And then the
wives are great administrators, great managers. They manage all the family finances. Women have
that great gift from God, like what the Bible says, you know, in Proverbs chapter 31. Anyway, so she
had saved a lot of money, so she wrote the pastor a detailed letter where all the accounts are, and she
even wrote a letter to the bank giving the husband the power of attorney to manage all her accounts.
She wrote all those letters, sealed it up in an envelope, put it in a certain place in the cupboard, saying
open this after my death. And she even made the pastor promise that he will remarry for the sake of
their little son. All this was done. And then she told her husband, “I have one final request. Before I
die, I will like to have Sadhuji come and pray for me and bless me.” I was in Tibet during this time.
So this pastor called me and said, “Now my wife has a dying wish. Can you stop by in our town to
pray for her before she's wheeled into the operating theater.” I said, “Alright.” Fulfill a dying woman's
wish. Some people are like that, no? Before they die, they come to me getting blessings. Even those
who want to commit suicide. (laughs) That was really funny, you know, just like how you all laugh. I
did not laugh, I got very upset and angry. If you want to commit suicide, why get my blessing? So that
their soul won't go to hell.
Anyway, I went to the hospital and this poor pastor's wife was just skin and bones. She was a
picture of just a skin put on a skeleton. That's how she looked like. She is a very, very pretty
looking...this is a Chinese family, very pretty looking lady. But when her heart failed she became so
skin and bones, on the verge of death. So, I went to the hospital. It was a scene of gloom and death,
because the pastor knows his wife is going to die, and the wife knows she is going to die. And the poor
little boy was running around the hospital corridor playing with other boys, not knowing that in a few
hours he is going to become a motherless boy. And I looked at the pastor's face. Gloom all over him.
This man who brought great comfort to so many thousands of people, now lost all hope, lost all faith,
very, very gloom. So after all this niceties, you know all these pleasantries that we exchange, there
came to the real matter now. So the nurse came and said, “Time to go.” So the pastor told her, “Just
give us another half an hour. Our family friend is going to pray.” So the pastor's wife sat on the bed.
She put her head on her hand, and the pastor was standing to my left. And before I started praying I
just took one good look at the pastor's wife, and I looked at the pastor, I looked at the little boy, and I
recalled all the prophecies that I spoke over their lives. Every word the Lord spoke to me about the
little boy. How from the day he was formed in his mother's womb, till he is 23 years of life, all the
events that the Lord showed me, how the Lord was going to bless him – I remembered everything.
And I looked at the pastor – all the words the Lord gave me about him, how his ministry is going to
expand. I remembered all that, and a great compassion came over me and I prayed. I said, “Lord”. As
soon as I said, “Lord”, you know, a wonderful thing happened. The Lord Jesus came and manifested
before me, and He asked me, “What do you want?” I said, “Look at Your daughter, Lord.” And the
Lord Jesus looked at her.
You know, I will never forget those kind of encounters that I have where I see the divine face of
the Lord Jesus, it is so tender like a mother's face. That much of love that is exhibited in His face, so
tender, just like a mother, you know. How a mother will feel so tenderly toward her child. And then
He walked from my side and came and sat on the bed beside the pastor's wife and He bent low where
His face could see her face. When I saw that, I began to pray, reminding the Lord all the promises. I
was practicing what the scripture says: I was putting Him in remembrance. I said, “Lord, You spoke
like this. You spoke that this boy will grow up to be a prophet of God. You said that he will prophesy
when he is three years old. You said he will do this at five years old. You said he will do this....” I told
the Lord one by one by one everything. If this woman dies now, how can she see all these things being
fulfilled? And then, Lord, you promised these things about the pastor. You said this is how his
ministry will develop. He will write so many books. He will travel all the nations of the world. You
said as a family, they will travel together to minister for You. If now she dies, how can all that be
fulfilled? So for 20 minutes I cried and prayed before the Lord. And all the while the pastor's wife was
sobbing and sobbing and sobbing because she was remembering all those prophecies, you know? And
all her tears were rolling down her eyes and the Lord Jesus just looked tenderly with great tender love
like a mother. You know the scripture says, in Isaiah 49:15, “Will a woman forget her sucking child?
Even if she forgets, I will not forget you.” You know, I always see that scripture come to life in
moments like this. The amount know, I'm failing in my description how the Lord looked like.
Unless your spiritual eyes are opened and you see the Lord, human words are insufficient to describe
the tenderness on His cheeks and the love that wells up in His eyes. You know He has got beautiful,
sea-blue eyes, and the love that wells up in His eyes. All His cheeks rosy and golden, they all are like
an um....a personification of love. That's the best way to describe it.
He looked tenderly at her. And after, when I was through with prayer, He lifted up His head, He
looked at me and He said, “Because you asked Me, I'm going to do this for you. I'm going to add 15
years to her life, according to what you asked. Everything will be alright, not to worry anything.” And
saying that the Lord...because I asked the Lord, “Please, at least extend 15 years.” I made a mental
calculation, no? The boy is now five years old, if add another 15 years, and all the prophecies the Lord
gave will be fulfilled, so I asked the Lord for 15 years. I said, “Lord, extend 15 years to her life.” You
know, what made matters worse was two prophets whom I highly revere and respect, they personally
told me after praying for the pastor's wife that her time has come to die. She was only 32 years old, the
pastor's wife, but her time has come to die. This is God's time, they said. So I prayed against all that,
and the Lord heard that prayer. He said, “Because you asked, I'm going to do this for you. I will add
15 years to her life, and she will be in the best prime of her health.” Five hours later, when the
operation was over, the surgeon who operated on her was a Hindu man. And the Lord told me, you
know, the last sentence the Lord said, “The operation will be successful, everything will be alright.”
When the Hindu doctor...surgeon came out of the operating theater, he looked at the pastor and he said,
“Operation was successful, everything is alright.” The very words that the Lord Jesus spoke came out
of his own mouth. And more than ten years have passed by, and the pastor's wife has put on so much of
weight, and God has prospered them more abundantly than how they were before. See, this is what the
scripture says: put Me in remembrance. Remind Me of My promises. All those things that God spoke
into your life – remind Him one by one. Lord, You said this, Lord You said that. You promised this,
Your word says this. Therefore, bless me, Lord. Bless me, my children, my family. You claim that.
Put God in remembrance. That's what the scripture says. Present your case before God. Why should
He bless you? Give Him a good reason. If you give Him a good reason, how can He say no?
What I've just shared with you is one of the many, many, many answered prayers that I can
share with you. I have overturned, overcome the will of God. And the Lord many times, “And because
you asked, I will do this for you.” You know, in all my 32 years walk with God, I have never prayed
anything for my own self, I have never. Like a personal need for me, I have never prayed. The Lord
always takes care of me. So whenever I need to pray for someone in need, I always will tell the Lord,
“You know, Lord, I've never asked anything for myself. So now, I'm asking something for myself –
please do it for them.” And that's why the Lord always says, “Because you asked. Because you asked,
I will do this for you.” So in the same manner, when you pray, when you put God in remembrance, He
will never, ever say no. Because you may be faulty, the word of God is not faulty. Amen. The word of
God is never faulty. When you stand on the word of God, and when you make your requests known to
God based on the word of God, He will never, ever say no.
So, we ask for God's mercy for a change and to walk in new life for one more year. You tell
Him, “Lord, I want a change. I want to walk anew in the coming new year.” You know, we don't
deserve these blessings in the natural. Nobody deserves any blessing. Do you? But whatever He gives
us is out of His grace, His unmerited favor. He gives us. So you tell Him, “I don't deserve Your
goodness and blessing, Lord, but because You are a good God, because Your grace and mercy endures
forever, I ask You for Your blessings.” This is how I pray, you know? I'm sharing with you my secrets.
This is how I pray. “Lord, You are a good God. Because You are good, You are bound to do good.
You can only do good. So therefore, do this good.” So He'll suddenly remember, that's right, I am a
good God. And He suddenly remembers, yes, that's right, I am a good God therefore I must do good,
and He will certainly do good to you, hallelujah. Amen. And you promise to walk in newness of life
like what the Bible says in Ephesians chapter 4, verse 24. So let's ask for God's forgiveness for all
these unkept vows that are made but are unkept. Ask forgiveness for negative words that were spoken,
offensive words, slander-filled words, murmurings, talebearings, lies. This is what you should do
during these days, from now till October 8th, Yom Kippur. You seek God like you have never sought
Him before. For your career, definitely, all things will become new. New things will take place in your
career. New things will take place in your ministry. New things will take place in your personal life.
New things will take place in your children's life. All things will become new. We are going to enter
into a new season. A new dispensation is going to open in the history of heaven. And you must
prepare yourselves for that. Let me remind you one more time. If you don't do anything about it, then
you will stay put where you are like those foolish virgins. You'll miss everything, and forever you'll be
standing outside and knocking on the door. (knocks on the pulpit) “Lord, open, Lord, open.” And you
will know that the door was never open to the foolish virgins. Have you read your Bible? So please
remember that. Let's all stand up for a word of prayer.
Thank You, wonderful God. I see an angelic being standing in our midst right now, and this
angelic being tells me, “Tell the people when they sincerely seek the face of the Lord their God, special
angels have been assigned to collect all their prayers in a special golden bowls and to bring it right
before the throne of God, and they will be kept there for God to see. And for the watchers to see.
Every tear that you shed, a special bottle has been apportioned for you. Those tears will never drop to
the ground, wasted. It may appear that you're using a tissue to wipe away the tears. It's the tears of the
flesh that you wipe but not the tears of your heart. The tears of your heart are collected in the bottle by
the angels, and those tears will be mixed together in that bowl of incense that contains your prayers.”
And this angelic being also shows me a serpent-like evil spirit, actually this is a very strange
looking creature that I've ever seen in my life. It looks like a serpent, but with two back legs standing
up. Looks very black and very dark, and this angelic being says, “This serpent as it beguiled Eve into
robbing her of this walk with God, robbing her of being in the presence of God, robbing her of being
made in the likeness of God, robbing her of the eventual position to sit at the right hand of God, will in
like manner seek to beguile you. To steal those blessings that have been apportioned for you. It will
seek to maneuver, cause you to be defiled, cause you to be led astray in busyness of the affairs of life,
and the affairs of the ministry that you find no time to wait on God or to seek His face. This serpent
will also seek to beguile the members of your congregation.” Speaking to the pastor's now, “Suddenly,
you'll find a great influx of negative activities in your church and in your ministry. Suddenly, you'll
find the believers unreasonable and difficult to manage. All these are the works of the enemy to cause
you to take your eyes from seeking the face of God. He who perseveres, he who endures till the end,
he shall be an overcomer. To him will be given these blessings that have been apportioned for him.
Tell them,” this angelic being says, “Their eyes have not seen, their ears have not heard, the wonderful
things God has in store for all those who will press in, into their destiny.”
“Especially,” this angelic being tells me, “Watch over your children. Watch over your little
ones. Mothers, pray for your little children very much, committing them into the hands of the living
God. For all your little ones, especially within the age group of newborn babies up to 12 years old.
They have a great destiny before the Almighty God. Lay your hands on their heads every day and pray
for them, committing them into the hands of the Living God, keeping them undefiled.
“Likewise, the young people. Put away all the lusts of the flesh from your lives. And if you
will seek the face of the Lord your God afresh, recommitting your lives to God like you have never
done before, verily, verily, I say unto you, the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in a new way.
Like how the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson and caused him to be a mighty man of valor and
putting all the Philistines to flight. Just like how the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon and put all
the enemies of Israel to flight. In likewise, the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in a powerful
manner to perform signs and wonders to set captives free. Guard your mouths, young people. Be
careful of frivilous words that come out of your mouth. Because the Lord wants to touch your lips,
touch your tongue, anoint it like how the lips of Isaiah were sanctified by a seraphim's coal of fire. He
wants to sanctify your lips so that you will prophesy the oracles of God.”
Thank You, God. Lift up your holy hands to the throne of God. And you open your heart now.
Thank You, wonderful God. Make your hearts naked before the living God. During the days of
seeking the face of God, you make your hearts naked before the face of the living God. And you ask
Him, “Search me, try me, and know me. Look deep into my very being.” Thank You, wonderful God.
I see the hand of the Lord, very gigantic in size, stretched over this entire church. Over everyone. And
I see His hand stretched out to bless every one of you. “The days of evil are coming,” says the Lord
your God. “And before those evil days come, come My children, under the shadow of the Almighty.
Like a hand that will gather all the chicks under her wings. Behold, I stand before you with
outstretched arms and inviting you to come and abide under the shadow of your God. And he who
abides under the shadow of the Almighty shall be protected from the evil ones, and from the evil days.
Fear not, for I have kept before you an open door, and no man can shut it. I have a glorious future for
you. When you abide under the shadow of the Almighty, no evil will befall you. Fear not. O you little
flock, fear not. Enter into the joy of your God and rejoice forevermore.” Thank You, wonderful God.
Come on, lift up your holy hands and bless Him who lives forever and ever. Bless the Living God.
Come on, open up your mouth and bless Him. For He is good, His grace and mercy endures forever
and ever. God is good, and His grace and mercy endures forever and ever.
(sings) Thy loving-kindess is better than life, Thy loving-kindness is better than life. My lips
shall praise Thee, thus will I bless Thee, Thy loving-kindness is better than life. I lift my hands up unto
Thy name, I lift my hands up unto Thy name, my lips shall praise Thee, thus will I bless Thee, Thy
loving-kindness is better than life.
Yes, Lord. Your loving-kindness is better than life, Lord. Your goodness is greater than all the
pleasures of this world, Lord, for there is no end to Your goodness. Because Your word tells us, Your
mercy is so high as the heavens are high, and Your mercy is so deep, as the depths of the sea are. And
who has known the length, the breadth, the depth, and the height of the love of God. O hallelujah.
Come on, lift up your holy hands and give thanks to God. Hallelujah.
(sings) The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They
are new every morning, new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord. Great is Thy
Yes, Lord. Great and awesome is Your faithfulness, Lord. Thank You for stretching out Your
blessing hands, to bless every one of Your sons and daughters, whatever needs they may have in their
lives. Lord, even before they can open their mouth and make their requests known, You have come
forth and You have stretched out Your hands and blessed every one of them individually. Now they can
go in peace, because the Lord who loves them, the Lord who cares for them, has proclaimed His
goodness over them. You have given them a way that they can come and hide under the shadow of the
Almighty, Lord. And I pray, from this day onwards, as Your dear children seek Your face, You will
make Your face known to them, Lord. As they seek Your ways, You will make Your ways known to
them, Lord. You will not fail them. I now lift up my hands upon your children, Lord, and bless them
with the priestly blessing. Blessed are You our God, creator of time and space, who enriches the lives
of Your children with holiness, commanding them to kindle the Yom Kippur lights. I bless them, Lord,
with this blessing. I now bless them.
The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious
unto you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. Amen and Amen. Thank